‘Iolani Fund

‘Iolani Fund

Traditions are nothing without people to build and sustain them.

For more than 150 years, ‘Iolani School's teachers, students, staff, alumni, parents and friends have cultivated a tradition of excellence, ensuring that ‘Iolani is always an extraordinary place to learn and an incredible community to be a part of.

We invite you to join those leaders in support of that tradition with an unrestricted gift to the 'Iolani Fund (formerly the 'Iolani Annual Fund), a yearly expression of a lifelong commitment to 'Iolani and its ideals.

Your gift supports excellent teachers and teaching; scholarship and access to an 'Iolani education; state-of-the-art facilities and technologies; robust performing and visual arts programs; competitive athletics; student leadership and service, and more.  In short, the 'Iolani Fund bridges the gap between a merely good education and all that encompasses the 'Iolani experience.

The 'Iolani Fund unites those who have a common belief in 'Iolani and a common goal to ensure that today's students are enriched by an experience that prepares them for the world beyond our campus, even as that world evolves. Unrestricted gifts to the 'Iolani Fund provide the flexibility necessary to support the dynamic nature of education, creating an experience that is challenging, innovative and relevant, while also nurturing and empathetic.

Please join these individuals in supporting the 'Iolani Fund.