‘Io Society

The ‘Io Society is a leadership group dedicated to the growth of unrestricted support to ‘Iolani School. Members make a five-year pledge of $1,000 or more annually to the ‘Iolani Fund.

'Io Society memberships impact every area of the school, including excellent teachers and teaching; scholarship and access to 'Iolani; technology; vibrant arts programs; competitive athletic teams; and leadership and service.

As important, the 'Io Society preserves what is best about 'Iolani while ensuring that it provides the best possible educational opportunities for students.

Small Class Sizes: 'Iolani has been defined by its commitment to small class sizes and the relationship between teacher and student. Small class sizes, combined with the high quality of faculty we hire, add up to a cost per student that is much higher that the tuition we charge. 'Io Society commitments allow us to recruit and compensate the best leaders in education while managing tuition increases in the best way possible.

Access to an 'Iolani Education: 'Iolani has traditionally been known as a "working class kids' school." However, at more than $20,000 a year, tuition at 'Iolani is higher than many families can afford. Therefore, we constantly increase our commitment to financial aid and scholarships. This year, 432 students are receiving financial aid or scholarships. The 'Io Society will support the growth of financial aid and scholarship programs so that we are able to maintain our tradition of serving a diverse group of families.

World Leading Programs: In order for 'Iolani to keep its place as one of the best schools in the world, we must continue to make investments in new educational opportunities for students. We remain at the forefront of educational innovation, especially with the opening of the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership. Investments like the Sullivan Center are necessary so that our students are prepared to enter the best universities in the world. We are committed to such investments in the future, and the 'Io Society will provide the financial support that make them possible.

To join the 'Io Society, please click to download the gift form.