Conrad Murashige '68

Why I Support ‘Iolani School

My company was fortunate enough to work as a subcontractor on the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership. As a graduate of 'Iolani, I was proud to be a part of the project, and it gives me great satisfaction knowing that we helped build something that provides wonderful opportunities for students to explore, innovate, and find their passion.

To me, that's what 'Iolani has always been about. I grew up in Palolo Valley and was the first of my family to attend a private school. I had no idea what 'Iolani was, but my mother pushed me to attend. Within the first few days of my seventh grade year -- my first at 'Iolani -- I knew that I was in a completely different and unfamiliar world; and while it was completely different, I understood that it was also full of opportunities I would never have imagined.

'Iolani exposed me to a much bigger world than I knew. Obviously, academics were challenging, but it was much more than that. I learned about life beyond the campus, my neighborhood, and the state. The world grew for me and that was a big deal. 'Iolani also exposed me to the value of competing with each other while striving to maintain the cohesiveness of the community that I was now a part of.

I carry those values with me today and I appreciate that those values were instilled in my daughters during their time at 'Iolani.

Now, I see how 'Iolani's current students are learning to collaborate and work as a team under pressure. Those are real world skills that I use every day.

I support the 'Iolani Fund because 'Iolani continues to expose students to all of the opportunities the world has to offer, and gives them the tools to navigate them.

Please join me.

-- Conrad Murashige '68