Kimi Mikami Yuen '91

Why I Support ‘Iolani School

It's difficult for me to put into words what makes 'Iolani so special. Perhaps that is because it has succeeded at combining two ideas that seem to be at odds with each other. Even though some of the most brilliant minds and successful people comprise our community, there is still such an amazing sense of humility and feeling of 'ohana that is a part of 'Iolani and the "One Team" mentality. Everyone is welcomed regardless of their background; the pursuit of excellence and sincere care for our fellow human being uniting us.

Coming from a modest background myself, my family sacrificed a lot for me to attend and I am forever grateful for it. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that have opened up for me, for the people from the 'Iolani community who have taught and mentored me, and for the lifelong friends I have made. Now, as my daughter enters kindergarten, I am so thankful that she will get to experience what 'Iolani offers. I look forward to her growing up in a place that not only pushes her to achieve, but also builds her character, resilience, and compassion.

I've found those traits to be invaluable after I graduated from 'Iolani. In my work as a planner, we collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and knowledge bases to create master plans that strive for a better Hawai'i. Working with community members, peers, and clients with that 'Iolani humility and sincere desire to produce high quality projects help make relationship-building and teamwork so much more effective.

I support the 'Iolani Fund because I'm grateful for the foundation 'Iolani has given me, appreciate the opportunity my daughter has to receive the same, and to ensure that all of 'Iolani's students benefit in that same way. It is a unique place where the heart and the mind connect in profound ways and it is my honor to give back to 'Iolani.

Please join me. 

-- Kimi Mikami Yuen '91