Rick Kiehm '75

Why I Support ‘Iolani School

I have only fond memories of my time at 'Iolani School. It was a place that I looked forward to being with friends both during the school day and sharing various sports endeavors. Our class size was a lot smaller than today and we were a very tight knit group. Forty years later, most of my best memories center around the friendships I had, many of which I continue to have today.

Entering in seventh grade, it took me a while to get used to the rigor and routine of the 'Iolani school day. But that everyday rigor helped me to become more organized, better able to prioritize, and get things done. I'm grateful I had strong mentors in the classroom and through sports -- coaches like Mr. Eddie Hamada, Mr. Charlie Ka'aihue and Mr. Clem Hew. They helped to get me over the hump and instill a strong work ethic within me. I carry that with me today.

'Iolani gave me a lot, so I try to help the school out in whatever way I can. I've been involved as a coach, an 'Ohana representative, a volunteer for the Fair, and a volunteer with my class activities.

We are a strong community because there are many people who give to the school in different ways -- ways that are not always visible, but are critical to the school's strength.

In addition to time, I give to the 'Iolani Fund as well. As a parent of two 'Iolani students, I see how the school has evolved over the years in really positive ways. So, I just want to be sure to do what I can for not only my kids, but for all of the kids that have an opportunity to attend 'Iolani.

Please join me.

-- Rick Kiehm '75