The Shigemura ‘Ohana

Why I Support ‘Iolani School

Some folks say 'Iolani is slow, 'Iolani Nō Ka 'Oi!

We first heard those lyrics as parents of a football player back in 2006 when our older son, Schuyler '12, began attending 'Iolani as a seventh grader. Schuyler could not wait for school to start to meet new friends and play sports. (Oh, and learn in the classroom, too!). Six years later, his younger brother, Drake, was welcomed into the Class of 2018 as a seventh grader.

We have been impressed with what 'Iolani offers. The teachers have always been available to us to work together as "One Team" (student, teacher and parent) to make sure Schuy or Drake stayed on track. The college counseling process was fantastic -- with the counselor matching Schuyler up perfectly with his college, where he is now double-majoring in accounting and economics at SMU. His love for econ began under the direction of Mr. Kibota, Ms. Hastings and Col. Rankin!

But being a sports-minded family, perhaps the most joy we've had as parents is the opportunity to watch our sons on the football field, basketball court or baseball field. The "One Team" spirit, and the friendships that the boys have developed, are friendships that will last a lifetime.

We are so fortunate to be able to send our children to private school and to be able to donate to the school. We give to 'Iolani not for our children though, but for tomorrow's children. We want to be sure 'Iolani has another fantastic 150+ year run in developing Hawaii's future leaders. And for all the future parents, who one day too, can sing along to: Some folks say ...

Please join us.

-- The Shigemura ‘Ohana