Meet our KA‘I Students

Meet our KA‘I Students

Here is how a few Kūkulu Alaka‘i ‘Iolani ("The Creation of Leaders") students describe their experiences.

"The KA‘I program has left a huge impact on my life by opening many doors for me educationally. I feel that the KA‘I program has given me more than just and education but another family. The program has also given me great life lessons that could never be learned in a regular classroom. I am forever grateful that I was put in the KA‘I program and I love everyone in it."

-- Sonny

"Without KA‘I, I never would have had the amazing opportunities I have had. I’ve met new people who started as friends, but became more like family. KA‘I has made my life way brighter. It taught me to be a better influence on younger kids and to be a better role model for myself. KA‘I changed my life in a good way. It gave me more opportunities to see my best friends that now go to other schools. I am thankful to be a part of this program."

-- Tina

"KA‘I has given me such great opportunities that even though this program is in the summer, I look forward to it every single year. It really helped me with transitioning from a small school to a bigger school. It also helped me to develop skills like public speaking. This program has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and build leadership skills. It has given me a group of great friends that I love like family. This program is really a blessing in my life."

-- Terese

"All I can say is that KA‘I has really changed me inside and out. In other words, I am better academically in school and out. I also have become a better leader to me and those I surround myself with. I truly believe that KA‘I is the best opportunity that was ever given to me and I appreciate that. Thanks to all the teachers and mentors that have supported me through this program. KA‘I is awesome! I Love it!"

-- Brooklyn


"It makes me look forward to summer every year. It has created a family within our group and we get closer every summer. I enjoy coming every day and I have never missed any day. I wouldn’t be the same without the KA‘I program."

-- Eugene