‘Iolani School Bulletin

The ‘Iolani School Bulletin is the school's flagship publication, a quarterly magazine distributed to alumni, parents, students, faculty and friends of ‘Iolani School.



The first edition of the Bulletin was published in 1960 to increase awareness of school activities and to provide a venue for alumni to remain connected to their alma mater. Since then, the magazine has grown in content and circulation.  The Bulletin continues to strenghten connections within the 'Iolani community by reminding alumni of their school experiences, making them feel more in touch with their class and encouraging support of the school.

In 2008, an online edition of the Bulletin was added to enhance the traditional print magazine and to serve as a convenience for readers. It can be found at www.iolanibulletin.org. PDF files from the print magazine's cover stories are linked below.

Story ideas, comments or suggestions regarding the Bulletin are welcome and should be addressed to the 'Iolani Bulletin Editor.

Submissions to Classnotes are encouraged and welcome.  Classnotes may be submitted through the Alumni Online Community or sent to:
'Iolani School Bulletin Classnotes
'Iolani School
563 Kamoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
E-mail:   classnotes [at] iolani [dot] org  
Fax: (808) 943-2326

Deadlines for Classnotes:
Winter -- November 15
Spring -- February 15
Summer -- May 15
Fall -- August 15

For questions about Classnotes or the 'Iolani School Bulletin, please e-mail Director of Communications Cathy Lee Chong at cathylee [at] iolani [dot] org.

Note: The 'Iolani School Bulletin Classnotes section includes news about alumni.  Clearly shot color or black-and-white print photos are also accepted, and may be mailed in separately from e-mail notices.  High resolution (minimum 1000x1200 pixels), clearly focused digital photos are also accepted for Classnotes. Please identify all individuals in a photo. Space limitations may prevent photos from being published as well. Thank you.

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For additional copies of the 'Iolani School Bulletin or to make postal or e-mail address changes, please email iolanibulletin [at] iolani [dot] org.

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