The counseling program promotes student success by supporting and maximizing academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, and personal/social development. The program includes a variety of services consistent with the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.

Counselors at 'Iolani help students understand themselves and their challenges. A clinical psychologist consults with administrators and counselors biweekly to further support students of concern and to suggest outside referrals.

There is a K-3 counselor, a grade 4-6 counselor, a counselor for each grade level, grades 7-12, and a college counselor. The student/counselor ratio in grades K-6 is 270 students per counselor and in grades 7-12 is 160 students per counselor.

The counselors meet individually with all students in their grade level during their first year together. New students and students with academic, personal, or developmental concerns receive additional attention.

Counselors work closely with each other, parents, the faculty and the administration to ensure that special concerns are handled appropriately and consistently. At the end of each quarter, all teachers of a particular grade level meet with the counselor and administrators to commend students and to assist students with special needs, both academic and personal.

Academic Support Services

The Counseling Department offers additional assistance to students experiencing academic difficulties. Progress reports, conferences with parents, and reading class are all available if appropriate.

Guidance Courses

All K-6 students have guidance lessons throughout the year. Seventh graders take a nine-week guidance course which focuses on building self-esteem, discussing friendship issues, increasing assertiveness, learning about the changes of adolescence, and practicing proper etiquette. Ninth graders take a Guidance rotation in the semester Life Skills course which concentrates on college and career exploration. An elective course for seniors, Guidance Issues, prepares students for the personal, academic, and social issues they will likely face in college. Counselors teach these guidance courses, allowing them to be acquainted with many students in a classroom setting while teaching important life skills.

New Student Orientation

In August, new grades 6-12 students come to ‘Iolani to meet school personnel and other new students and to tour the campus. Counselors meet with small groups of new students in September to answer questions about academic and extracurricular activities.

Student Support Groups

Support group counseling is provided by the counselors. All students may join an appropriate group, and their participation and verbal sharing are confidential within the limits mandated by law and established by the profession’s ethical standards. The groups are held at various times during the school year, according to interest expressed by the students.

Volunteer Tutoring

With the teacher's approval, older students volunteer their time to help younger students with courses that give them difficulty. They tutor in a proctored classroom during their study hall periods at no cost to the students or parents.  Upper class students also act as Big Brothers and Sisters to K- 6th grade students as needed.