English - Language Arts

English - Language Arts


The purpose of the Upper School English Department is to teach students to read intelligently, to think logically, to express themselves clearly, and to enjoy literature.

An intense writing program and a variety of oral activities ensure that clear writing and oral communication skills are developed through a sequential program from grades 7 - 12. Students read American, Asian, European and World literature to understand and appreciate the ideas they express, the styles and forms in which they are written, and the cultures from which they spring.

All students take year-long English courses from grades 7-10 which offer students a varied, sequential study of reading, writing and language.  In their junior and senior years, students may choose from a variety of semester-long electives. They must take either American Literature or British Literature before graduating.


The Lower School language arts curriculum is designed to help students become effective communicators and lifelong learners.  Our literature-rich program, with its key components of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, is tailored to meet the needs and interests of 'Iolani students.

Students enjoy a wide genre of culturally diverse literature.  Enriching activities enhance their understanding of literature and increase their basic skills, while challenging their creativity and critical thinking.

At each grade level several subjects are often integrated to create thematic units. These interdisciplinary units give students a deeper understanding and a broader perspective of an area of study.

Active learning environments promote eager participation and a positive attitude toward learning. Relevant lessons connect students' classroom experiences to the real world, helping to prepare them for their future as knowledgeable, responsible, and compassionate citizens.