Gifts of Property

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Real Property

'Iolani gratefully accepts gifts of real estate including a personal residence, a vacation home, a condominium, a farm or ranch, an income producing rental property, or an undeveloped land.

The donor may transfer the property to 'Iolani during his or her lifetime (resulting in an income tax deduction) or by will at the donor's death (resulting in an estate tax deduction).

Please note: you may gift your real estate to 'Iolani outright, to a Charitable Remainder Trust or by a single deed in which you retain the right to enjoy your residence for the rest of your life. By reserving a life interest, you get a current income tax deduction and avoid capital gains all the while living in your own home just as you did before you made your gift to 'Iolani.

Tangible Property

'Iolani is happy to accept gifts of fine art, jewels, and other significant items as donations.