Class Pages

The Class Pages are maintained and updated by the ‘Ohana Representatives. There are two ‘Ohana Representatives for each class with the exception of kindergarten which has three.

In addition to working on the webpages, these volunteer representatives assist with class events, coordinate programs, and share ideas that are meaningful to the ‘Iolani community.  The representatives willingly share their talents, time and efforts to ensure that ‘Iolani parents stay informed and involved in their child’s school experience.

Please visit your class pages regularly to stay up to date with the latest class events and information.

Class of 2027 - Kindergarten
Class of 2026
- First Grade
Class of 2025 - Second Grade
Class of 2024 - Third Grade
Class of 2023 - Fourth Grade
Class of 2022 - Fifth Grade
Class of 2021 - Sixth Grade
Class of 2020 - Seventh Grade
Class of 2019 - Eighth Grade
Class of 2018 - Freshman
Class of 2017 - Sophomore
Class of 2016 - Junior
Class of 2015 - Senior