News & Links - Aug. 21, 2014



Hope you all had a tremendous summer! Whether you are looking forward to Monday morning or bummed that the summer is over, it’s hard to believe another school year is about to start!

A big welcome to all our new families joining the ‘Iolani ‘Ohana! We are very excited and honored that you are joining our ‘ohana! We had a wonderful and yummy welcome last night for all of the parents of new students to ‘Iolani and one of our best turnouts yet!

Please remember that as your parent organization, you are a part of us and we are here for you.

Because we too are invested as parents, we want to foster relations that help our school community thrive and be the best it can be. Please get to know your individual ‘ohana class representatives as they are your go to parents for any questions or ideas you may have.

They can also serve as the liaison between you and the school. We encourage you to communicate directly with the school, but by all means, contact your ‘ohana reps any time. Please also visit your individual class webpages frequently for pertinent updates.

We are very lucky to belong to a school that encourages and desires parent involvement, so please be as involved as you are able to be. Besides getting a glimpse at what your kids do everyday, there is a secondary benefit to being involved and that is, what starts as a relationship due to proximity will evolve to a genuine affection for our school community.

So, whether your starting out with the wonder of a new kindergartener, in awe that your child is a senior or anywhere in between, I hope you have an awesome year!

Carla Stroh-Palalay
‘Ohana President



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