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Scheduling a carpool has never been easier.

If you are already carpooling to school, thank you for helping to lessen traffic and to be more fuel efficient. Hundreds of 'Iolani parents have set up accounts with Carpool to School. Additional parents who wish to start or join a carpool can get online support at our exclusive 'Iolani carpool site. Powered by, the site gives parents a safe, easy way to form or join a carpool, and its intuitive interface makes planning carpools easy and convenient. Features include a secure matching service integrated with Google maps, scheduling, and built-in text messaging to remind parents when it’s their turn to drive.

When you schedule your carpool on, your entire carpool can quickly view a color-coded calendar with all of your carpool information. Maximum scheduling flexibility can handle even the craziest of carpool schedules.

Click HERE to view last year's Hawaii News Now report on 'Iolani's Carpool to School program.

Plus, when you schedule your carpool online, you will be able to see your environmental impact. We show you the vehicle miles eliminated, CO2 emissions reduced, and money saved by carpooling with other families to get your kids to school.

It’s an opportunity to see that with one small change – you can have a significant impact on the environment and traffic congestion at pickup and drop-off times.

Just login and go to my school pools. It’s easy to find potential matches, create carpools and take advantage of the time-saving features available.


If you have not yet turned in your child's 'Iolani School Information Sheet, please send it to the Upper or Lower School Main Office ASAP. Earlier this summer, the school mailed information sheets and health forms to all families at the postal addresses on record. It does not require a doctor's visit, only parents' signature. This information sheet is very important, especially for emergency situations regarding your child or 'Iolani School. It is also used for the Student-Parent Directory, consent for off-campus activites, Internet use and photographic consent. Office hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and our mailing address is: 563 Kamoku Street, Honolulu, HI 96826. Please feel free to call 949-5355 if you have any questions.



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