‘Iolani ‘Ohana (Parent Organization)

The ‘Iolani ‘Ohana, a parent organization, offers opportunities for ‘Iolani parents to be informed and involved in their student's education by providing programs and activities that foster relationships and promote continued interaction within the ‘Iolani community.

‘Iolani is a Hawaiian word which means "heavenly hawk." ‘Io is a Hawaiian Hawk that is a highly regarded figure in Hawaiian legend and culture.

Today, the ‘io live on the slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the island of Hawai'i.

The ‘Iolani ‘Ohana logo depicts two ‘io. The parent ‘io is depicted in black with wings spread to embrace and guides its fledgling shadowed in white. The parent-child-teacher relationship is represented by the three-layered wingspan. Working together to nurture this is our ‘Ohana.


New Parents Welcome Reception

  • A welcome reception for parents with students who are new to ‘Iolani prior to the start of each school year.

College Life After ‘Iolani

  • A unique event that provides an opportunity for ‘Iolani seniors and their parents to receive first-hand information about the transition to college life from a panel for recent ‘Iolani graduates and former and/or current parents.



President: Katie Wang
President Elect: TBD
Immediate Past President: Shellie Usami
Treasurer: Melanie Mizumoto
Secretaries: Jean Ishida & Jennifer Omoto


Technology Support: Nan Ketpura-Ching
Special Events: Carla Stroh-Palalay
Open Houses: Judy Nako
Grandparent Relations: Christy Nishita
College Life After 'Iolani: 


Dr. Timothy Cottrell, Head of School
Dr. Aster Chin, Dean of Upper School
Mrs. Melanie Pfingsten, Dean of Studies
Mr. Zachary Linnert, Dean of Lower School
Mr. Eric Perkins, Interim Assistant Dean of Lower School
Mrs. Kim Gennaula, Executive Director of Advancement
Mr. John Tamanaha, Director of Interactive Media
Mrs. Toby Morioka, ‘Iolani ‘Ohana Liaison


(808) 943-2322



During the 2020-21 school year, the role of our 'Ohana organization and representatives will be unique in many ways. Many of the events which are normally supported by our 'Ohana members may not be possible due to COVID-19 rules and regulations. However, these representatives willingly share their talents and time to assist with some of the new and unique ways in which we can come together virtually or otherwise to support the needs and mission of the school. 


Class of 2033 (Kindergarten)
Lori Arai-Shiraishi, Kris Choo & Sara Yamamoto

Class of 2032 (Grade 1)
Toyo Kaya & Sei Lee

Class of 2031 (Grade 2)
Lauren Bookatz, Jen Deveraturda & Danika Irurita

Class of 2030 (Grade 3)
Shari Okumura & Wendy Suetsugu

Class of 2029 (Grade 4)
Trisha Arita & Helen Lau Bernstein

Class of 2028 (Grade 5)
June Woo & Kim Young

Class of 2027 (Grade 6)
Christopher Chun, Candi Nakamoto & Lisa Oshiro Tamura

Class of 2026 (Grade 7)
Vivian Arita & Mina Casey-Pang

Class of 2025 (Grade 8)
Kristie Kutaka & Lisa Tengan

Class of 2024 (Grade 9)
Lauren Kauhane & Tanya Safi

Class of 2023 (Grade 10)
Lynn Araki-Regan & Yan Scherman

Class of 2022 (Grade 11)
Christina Jeremiah-Kwan & Dana Lore

Class of 2021 (Grade 12)
Denise Haga & Maria Villano