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The Counseling Department promotes student success by supporting and maximizing academic achievement and by fostering personal and social development.

Counselors at ‘Iolani help students understand themselves and the challenges they face. Further concerns may be addressed by the Director of Social and Emotional Health.

There is a K-3 counselor, a grade 4-6 counselor, and a counselor for each grade level, grades 7-12. There are four college counselors who advise students in grades 9-12. The student/counselor ratio in grades K-6 is 275 students per counselor, in grades 7-8 is 192 students per counselor and grades 9-12 is 122 students per counselor.

The counselors meet individually with all students in their grade level during their first year together. New students and students with academic, personal, or developmental concerns receive additional attention.

Counselors work closely with each other, parents, the faculty and the administration to ensure that special concerns are handled appropriately and consistently.

‘Iolani offers a Guidance program for all students. In grades K-6 all students have guidance lessons throughout the year. All seventh graders take a nine-week Guidance course that covers self-esteem, friendships, assertiveness, the changes of adolescence, and etiquette. As part of the one-semester Life Skills course in ninth grade, students take a three-week Guidance rotation which concentrates on college and career exploration.

In August, new students come to ‘Iolani to meet school personnel and other new students and to tour the campus. Counselors meet with small groups of new students in September to answer questions about academic and extracurricular activities.