1:1 iPad Program

‘Iolani School is committed to equipping students with the knowledge, skills and technology that will enable them to succeed in and be prepared for a fast-changing world. Thus, ‘Iolani instituted a One-to-One iPad Initiative in 2013 with a plan to replace and upgrade student devices on a 3-year rotation. The next rotation will take place in the summer of 2019 when the entire fleet of ‘Iolani-issued iPads will be replaced with new iPads.

Questions about our 1:1 iPad program can be directed to helpdesk@iolani.org

iPad Return and Distribution FAQ

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When do I return my iPad?

Lower School: Please bring your iPad (and all accessories) to school on May 28th. Your students’ homeroom teacher will be coordinating the return of iPads. Any damages to those devices will be assessed after school ends.

Upper School: ‘Iolani School’s ITS department will be coordinating iPad returns from May 28th to May 31st. Specific dates and times are as follows:

Date Time Location
Tue, May 28 9:45a - 11:15a Upper Gym
Tue, May 28 12:15p - 1:45p Upper Gym
Wed, May 29th 9:45a - 2:00p Upper Gym
Thu, May 30th 9:45a - 2:00p Upper Gym
Fri, May 31st 7:00a - 9:00a Student Center
Fri, May 31st 2:00p - 3:00p ITS Office - I-111 (or look for signage)
Mon, June 3rd 9:00a - 3:00p ITS Office - I-111 (or look for signage)

Why are the iPads being taken back early this year?

The ‘Iolani School ITS Dept needs time to process, classify, make any repairs, and return the iPads. Over the summer, ITS will also need to make some system-wide changes which will affect all devices.

What do I need to return as part of the takeback?

‘Iolani School expects to receive back all of the items originally provided to each student. This includes:

  • iPad - Fully Charged (iPad Pro 12.9” for US students; 9.7” iPad Pro for LS students)
  • iPad Case
  • Apple Keyboard
  • Charger block (12w for 12.9”; 10w for 9.7”)
  • Lightning Cable (2m for 12.9"; 1m for 9.7")

Missing items will be charged to your student account (billed at a later date) according to this fee schedule:

Lower School Fees:

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1m for 9.7” iPad Pro)$20.00
Apple 10W USB Power Adapter (for 9.7” iPad Pro)$20.00
Apple Smart Keyboard for 9.7” iPad Pro$150.00
MaxCase Extreme Shell Case for 9.7” iPad Pro$50.00
Apple iPad Replacement

Upper School Fees:

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2m for 12.9” iPad Pro) $30.00
Apple 12W USB Power Adapter (for 12.9” iPad Pro) $20.00
Apple Smart Keyboard for 12.9” iPad Pro $170.00
STM Dux Case for 12.9” iPad Pro $60.00
Apple iPad Replacement

Will I be able to keep the data on my iPad?

Yes. ITS has made a guide to assist with backing up data on current iPads. Students are responsible to backup current information on their iPads if they want it to be retained.

Student data and AppleID account information will be deleted with the help of an ITS staff member at the time of return. It is important that student’s not erase their iPad prior to this process.

IMPORTANT: All new iPads will be setup as “new” devices. Students will not have the option to restore the device from an iCloud backup. Any data stored in Google’s ecosystem (Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Etc) will remain intact and accessible after the new device is distributed.

My iPad is broken. What are the fees for repair?

Repair fees for broken iPads increase by number of incidents.

Apple iPad Repair (1st repair) $50
Apple iPad Repair (2nd repair) $50
Apple iPad Repair (3rd repair) $250
Apple iPad Replacement (4+ repairs) $599

** ‘Iolani School reserves the right to determine if repairs are beyond normal breakage (ie. destroyed devices, missing parts, etc) and will charge accordingly.

Fees will be charged to your student account (billed at a later date).

How do I pay fees for repairs or missing items?

Fees will be charged to your student account (billed at a later date). Contact the Business Office for payment.

Will I be able to use my iPad for summer reading?

‘Iolani School recommends purchasing the paper version of the required Summer Reading books when possible. Digital versions (iBooks or Kindle) should be purchased on your personal device.

I need an iPad for summer school. Can I keep it for the summer?

Lower School: Homeroom teachers will collect all devices starting on Tuesday, May 28. Students in the following Summer School classes will have their devices returned to them at the start of Summer School:

  • KickStart 6
  • READ-Y Go! 6

Upper School: With some exceptions, ‘Iolani School expects all students to turn in their iPads after final exams end. Students enrolled in the following summer school classes will be able to keep their iPad though the summer school session (to be returned at the end of summer school):

  • READ-Y Go! 6
  • READ-Y Go! 7
  • READ-Y Go! 8
  • READ-Y Go! 9
  • Sequence 9
  • Lifetime Health
  • Bible
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 1C

‘Iolani School will contact students to coordinate a takeback on or before the final day of summer school.

What iPad model will I receive?

Lower School (grades K-6) will receive the iPad Air - Space Gray - 64G
Upper School (grades 7-12) will receive the iPad Pro - 12.9” - Space Gray - 256GB

In addition to the iPad, all students will receive a case, charger, and cable. Students in grades 3-12 will also receive an Apple Keyboard.

When will I receive my new iPad?

Lower School: Grades K-5 will have their class iPads in the homerooms by the first day of school. Grade 6 students, both new and rising, will pickup their new iPads during 6 Grade orientation.

Upper School: Emails will be sent out by the ITS Department outlining the times when the new iPads may be picked up. Distributions will begin in early to mid August 2019.

I have an Apple Pencil. Will it work with the new iPad?

Lower School: The Gen 1 Apple Pencil, which was compatible with the previous model, will still work with the new iPad Air.

Upper School: Apple changed the Pencil design for the NEW iPad Pro. Therefore, the Gen 1 Apple Pencil which was previously compatible will NOT work with the new iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro will only work with the Gen 2 Apple Pencil.

What new changes will be in place for the upcoming iPad deployment?

Starting in August 2019 with the new iPads, ‘Iolani School will make the following changes (some have been in effect for select students prior to the new deployment):

  • No App Store for all students K-12 - ‘Iolani School will provide all apps necessary for school work.
  • Off-campus web and network filter for all students K-12 - All students will continually have web content filtered on the iPad. If a device is used off campus (at home or otherwise), all inappropriate content will be blocked from being accessed in the iPad.
  • Managed Apple IDs - ‘Iolani will be providing Apple IDs for all students K-12. These accounts will have 200GB of storage to allow iCloud backups to occur.

UPPER SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY: What can I do with my Apple Pencil which is no longer compatible with my iPad?

Used Gen1 Apple Pencils can be sold on various online sites, including eBay. BuyBackWorld also offers $15 for Apple Pencils which are in excellent shape.

I would like to use an app the school does not provide. Can I still get it?

An App Request Form will be available soon. If the requested app conforms to the ‘Iolani acceptable use policy, we will consider adding it to your iPad. Generally, only apps which have educational value are added. Games and entertainment apps will not be added.

A website with educational value is being blocked by the web filter. How can I access it?

A Web Filter Request Form will be available soon. Once submitted, the requested website will be evaluated for whitelisting.