Mane O Ke Ola 2021


Mane O Ke Ola, ‘Iolani School's literary magazine for students in grades 9 through 12, is published annually in the fourth quarter of each school year.

Aloha readers,

For centuries, people have searched for meaning in the darkness of the night sky. The constellations told stories of power, of wisdom, and of love. Although the past school year has been full of uncertainty, we connected the dots within the chaos and told our own stories. Our experiences are written in the stars. In this edition of Mane O Ke Ola, we acknowledge our stories in strength and perseverance, in journey and adventure, and in love for ourselves and others. We admire the poems, short stories, art, and photography that will guide us like glowing constellations in the night sky.

The Mane O Ke Ola Editors


Erin Takahashi ’23
Zachary Brennan ’23
Yumi Mizobuchi ’23
Cole Young ’23
Isabel Adams ’23
Joie Inouye ’21
Tessa Onaga ’23
Emily Tom ’21
Jonathan Tsubota ’23
Anabel Kinsey ’23
Megan Nishimura ’21
Aubrey Danko ’21
Mara Goldstein ’23
Ariel Ma ’21
Chloe Kanemaru ’22
Summer Royal ’21
Cheyial Esau ’21



Ye Eun Kim ’21
Theolease Priester ’23
Frank Fasi ’21
Serra Calunod ’23
Senna Roberts-Navarro ’23
Maya Cala ’23
Ken Gao ’22
Zoe Cherubini-Morrison ’24
Maya Chang ’21
Cade Tanaka ’24
Nathalie Hosten ’22
Riana Santos ’21
Nathalie Hosten ’22
Nicole Tanaka ’25
Autumn Woolpert ’21
Allison Chang ’23