Physical Education

‘Iolani School provides a comprehensive physical education program for boys and girls in every grade level. The goals are for students to acquire a wide variety of basic skills, to practice teamwork, to demonstrate good sportsmanship, and to appreciate the benefits of physical activity.

Students enjoy a multitude of facilities: the One Team Fieldhouse, the all-weather Eddie Hamada Track, the Father Bray Athletic Center, the Olympic-sized Dillingham Pool, a mat-covered room, two gymnasiums, a weight room, and grass fields for soccer, football and baseball.

Physical Education instruction in kindergarten emphasizes fundamental movement patterns and personal space. Students develop locomotor skills through running, jumping, hopping, leaping, galloping, skipping, and sliding. Other activities emphasize object handling and eye-hand coordination. Children take part in non-competitive games, learn to listen and follow directions, and participate cooperatively with others. The goals for first and second graders are to develop and refine body movements and fundamental skills. Students learn to follow directions and to work with classmates in organized activities. Activities include throwing and catching, kicking, jumping rope, swimming, and rock wall. Grade 3 students participate in team-building activities such as rock wall, outdoor adventure and fitness stations. In grade 4, students are introduced to team sports: fundamental skills, rules, setup and strategies. They also participate in peer-led activities and challenges. Grades 5 and 6 begin the school year training for a biathlon. They learn different training techniques, mental skills and goal-setting. For the remainder of the year, they participate in team sports.

Students in grades 4-6 may volunteer for an after-school intramural program that holds a variety of team sports throughout the year.

In the Upper School (grades 7-12), the student activities include aquatics, fitness, lifetime activities and team sports. Many classes are co-educational with a low student-teacher ratio. The Physical Education Department's goals are to provide an enjoyable, educational experience that exposes each student to a variety of physical activities geared toward an active, physically fit life. Upper School students who participate in Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) sports may be excused from part of the obligations of their required courses in Physical Education.