School & Community

‘Iolani is a place of culture, diversity and safety

A unique location within the United States, Hawai‘i stands apart as a true cultural polyglot. We speak and celebrate the languages of many cultures.

This spirit infuses student life at ‘Iolani School. Ethnic and cultural diversity are the very face of our school and this empowers students from many different backgrounds to be who they are, share their culture and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

At ‘Iolani we call this “One Team.” One Team means that we care about and support each other. We know that we achieve together and strive for excellence with humility and gratitude for the people around us.

of cultures

Students at ‘Iolani come from diverse ethnic backgrounds including Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Native Hawaiian, Filipino, Samoan, Native American, African American, Hispanic, Vietnamese and Pacific Islander. We provide a multicultural environment in which students from diverse backgrounds are prepared to be global citizens.