'What They Are Saying'

Known to many for his unforgettable portrayal of "Adolpho" in our 2019-20 spring musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, boarding student Minh Ngo '21 is featured in this episode of the ‘Iolani School Podcast. A native of Vietnam, he arrived at ‘Iolani in 2018, as a member of our school's first cohort of boarding students in 59 years. He provides an insider's perspective on the boarding program and explains what drew him to ‘Iolani. He also discusses his experiences with the ‘Iolani Dramatic Players and much more.

“Everyone I’ve met has been exceptionally friendly. ‘Iolani is like no other school in the world, and in the best way possible.”

EVAN PAN (San Diego, Calif.)
Class of 2022

“Life as a boarding student is eye-opening. Living with students from all over the world teaches us that each country and state has its own special qualities.”

MORGAN WHEELER (Pāhoa, Hawai‘i Island)
Class of 2022

Friends here really feel like brothers and sisters. We do a lot of fun stuff around the island together. There's always something to do and people to do it with.”

Class of 2021

“I love that everyone at ‘Iolani is so caring and friendly. I got used to the new environment quickly because everyone was willing to help and make me feel comfortable.”

MINKYEONG SONG (Changwon, South Korea)
Class of 2020 -- attending Northeastern University

“At ‘Iolani, I love how I am able to maintain a balance between studies and social life, which definitely preps me for college.”

KOTA UCHINO (Tokyo, Japan)
Class of 2020 -- attending Brown University


Together as "One Team"

Together we find the strength to work hard, the courage to take intellectual risks and the desire to strive for excellence in all that we do.

The friendships and experiences gained from ‘Iolani School remain always.

As a community, we celebrate this culture.

Alumni Global Network

With more than 10,000 alumni living around the world, the ‘Iolani global network is far-reaching and ever-connected. Their experiences at ‘Iolani prepare them well for college and, eventually, diverse and successful careers in a wide-range of professions.

In our experience, ‘Iolani provided the best educational foundation for a lifetime of learning. What ‘Iolani taught us, more than anything, is the invisible architecture of success. No matter what you aspire to be, ‘Iolani gives every student the tools to build the life you want, brick by brick. It was a learning environment that emphasized the values of integrity, work ethic, humility and excellence.

Aaron and Jordan Kandell ’01
Screen Writers (recently for Disney’s Moana)

‘Iolani changed the course of my life by introducing me to computer programming when no other schools were teaching it. Today, ‘Iolani continues to provide groundbreaking opportunities for students to innovate, collaborate and solve important problems. ‘Iolani is preparing students to make an impact in the world!

Thomas Jermoluk ’72
Former President, Silicon Graphics
Founder and Managing Partner, Helix Ventures

‘Iolani School not only gave me a solid foundation of knowledge for higher learning at the university level, but taught me a good work ethic for business and in life. The lessons I learned set me on a path to enjoy and be successful in life. I owe so much to the teachers and staff!

Shenan Brown ’99
Lead of Japanese Pop Group Def Tech

At ‘Iolani, I found joy in the process of discovery and had teachers who were amazingly dedicated and caring. The students I met at ‘Iolani were friendly, thoughtful, talented, and humble. I felt lucky to be part of such a special community.

Aubrey Huynh ’07
Harvard University, Class of 2011
The Wharton School (second year MBA candidate)

‘Iolani ‘Ohana

‘Iolani is grateful to families who regard the commitment to education as one of the most important investments. Parents come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all connected by desiring the best educational opportunities for their children.

We chose ‘Iolani School because of the opportunities it offered both in and out of the classroom. In addition to a rigorous, well-rounded academic experience my sons have thrived while participating in activities as diverse as the paddling team, newspaper staff, economics team, and Model UN. The wide array of opportunities not only makes school a more interesting place for my kids but also enables them to develop interests and leadership skills that should serve them well in the future.

Pat and Tim Callahan
(Matthew ’14 and Sean ’18)

As a graduate of ‘Iolani School, I am forever grateful for the many doors the ‘Iolani experience opened for me. I see how ‘Iolani upholds its commitment to excellence not only in academics but with opportunities for leadership, community involvement, personal growth and athletic achievement for all the students. Now, as a parent, I am excited for the many new doors ‘Iolani will open for my children as a result of their receiving the best educational experience available and by being guided by exceptional and highly-qualified faculty.

Paul ’86 and Terry Kennedy
(Connor ’19, Julia ’20 and Kai ’23)

‘Iolani School has helped prepare our three daughters for college and beyond. It has complemented our parenting goals to raise conscientious, curious, and successful young women. The academic, athletic, and social experiences at ‘Iolani enable its students to enter the world well prepared for what lies ahead.

Frank and Tamara Uhr
(Lauren ’13, Anna ’15 and Natalie ’18)