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For prospective Day students grades K-12, a tour is provided as part of the admission process. Please do not fill out this form. Contact the Office of Admission at with any questions.

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Visiting ‘Iolani School is the best way to get to know us and see all we have to offer. We recommend that you visit while school is in session (August-June), but we are happy to accommodate a visit at any point in the year.

To arrange your visit to ‘Iolani, please submit the Visit Request Form below. It provides us with information to best plan your visit.

Shortly after submitting your form, a member of our Admission team will contact you to confirm your visit date and time.

If you would like to meet with someone in particular during your visit, please let us know at the time you arrange your appointment.

Thank you for considering ‘Iolani School.


‘Iolani School is located halfway
between Asia and North America.

A world-recognized college preparatory school, ‘Iolani is in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, one of the safest and most beautiful cities in the world. Boarding students and their families benefit from direct flights from many Asian and North American cities.

Beijing, China
5,078 miles, 8,172 km
10 h 5 min

Boston, Mass.
5,088 miles, 8,182 km
10 h 8 min

Chicago, Ill.
4,255 miles, 6,848 km
8 h 32 min

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
6,298 miles, 10,135 km
12 h 25 min

Hong Kong
5,556 miles, 8,942 km
11 h 2 min

London, England
7,280 miles, 11,726 km
14 h 17 min

Los Angeles, Calif.
2,562 miles, 4,123 km
5 h 20 min

Manila, Philippines
5,307 miles, 8,540 km
10 h 32 min

New Delhi, India
7,412 miles, 11,928 km
14 h 32 min

New York City, NY
4,981 miles, 8,016 km
9 h 56 min

Portland, Ore.
2,595 miles, 4,177 km
5 h 26 min

San Francisco, Calif.
2,396 miles, 3,857 km
5 h 3 min

San Jose, Calif.
2,415 miles, 3,887 km
5 h 4 min

Seattle, Wash.
2,679 miles, 4,312 km
5 h 34 min

Seoul, South Korea
7,323 miles, 4,551 km
9 h 10 min

Shanghai, China
4,946 miles, 7,960 km
9 h 52 min

Taipei, Taiwan
5,056 miles, 8,137 km
10 h 6 min

Tokyo, Japan
3,862 miles, 6,215 km
7 h 44 min

Vancouver, Canada
2,706 miles, 4,355 km
5 h 38 min

Washington, D.C.
4,836 miles, 7,783 km
9 h 40 min