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At the heart of ‘Iolani School is a community that is committed to perpetuating a tradition of excellence and preserving cherished values like respect, humility and teamwork. In this endeavor, everyone plays a vital role.
There many ways to participate through gifts of your time, expertise, and financial support.
Discover how you can help partner with ‘Iolani School for continued success in the future.


‘Iolani Fund

‘Iolani Fund


Every student at ‘Iolani benefits from an experience that creates the foundation for an incredible future. Every student benefits from your support of the ‘Iolani Fund.

With your gift to the ‘Iolani Fund, you provide extraordinary opportunities to more than 1,900 eager students. You support their academic success, their athletic and artistic endeavors, their development as leaders, and their service to the community. You provide the tools necessary for a successful life led with strong character and humility.

Please consider a gift to the ‘Iolani Fund -- a gift made For Every Student, Every Day.

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‘Iolani School Gift Clubs

Gift Clubs provide opportunities for leadership giving. They also afford ‘Iolani School an opportunity to thank all donors who share in our vision and commitment.

Each year, ‘Iolani School is the beneficiary of gifts at every level, in support of its broad range of educational and co-curricular programs.

Philanthropists' Circle (Lifetime Gifts of $100,000 or more)
Legacy Circle ($100,000 or more)
Benefactors' Circle ($25,000 to $99,000)
Founders' Circle ($10,000 to $24,999)
Bishop's Society ($5,000 to $9,999)
Governors' Club ($1,000 to $4,999)
Headmaster's Club ($500 to $999)
Century Club ($100 TO $499)
Friends ($1 TO $99)
Young Alumni Club, Classes of 2013 to 2017 ($1 or more)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the ‘Iolani Fund?

Tuition covers only 68% of the cost of educating each child. We make up the balance through income from our endowment and through contributions from our constituents. The ‘Iolani Fund's unrestricted nature allows us to apply donations to best suit the school's needs.

Why is the ‘Iolani Fund important?

The proceeds from the ‘Iolani Fund go to the school's operating budget and are used immediately. They support many qualities that make ‘Iolani extraordinary -- including a diverse student body, wonderfully accomplished faculty, a dynamic curriculum, extensive library resources, and advanced technologies.

Can I direct my gift to a specific program?

Although the unrestricted ‘Iolani Fund allows the school to apply donations to where it is needed, you may designate which fund you would like your gift to apply. A few of those funds include endowment, scholarship, performing arts, visual arts, athletics, etc.

May I charge my donation?

Sure, we accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

‘Io Society

The ‘Io Society is designed to increase unrestricted support to the school and is one of our biggest philanthropic opportunities. Members of the ‘Io Society make a five-year pledge of $1,000 or more annually to the ‘Iolani Fund (formerly the ‘Iolani Annual Fund).

The growth of the ‘Io Society is critically important because it provides the leadership that links some of ‘Iolani’s most cherished and longstanding values with a bold vision of how to best prepare our students for all that awaits them following graduation. In short, the ‘Io Society helps to preserve the things we hold most dear as we evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow's world.

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Legacy Giving

St. Alban's Club

In addition to annual gifts, there are other ways to support ‘Iolani that can help you and your loved ones, while also providing a meaningful gift to the school.

These gifts of support are called Legacy Gifts or Planned Gifts because with thoughtful planning, you are able to leave a lasting legacy at ‘Iolani School that will benefit students for years to come. We would be honored to have you become a member of our legacy giving society, the St. Alban's Club.

Please contact Chris Shimabukuro '85 at (808) 943-2256 or

Legacy Giving Links

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Frequently Asked Questions

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‘Iolani welcomes bequests which often can be provided by adding a simple codicil to an existing will or an amendment to a living trust. Bequests are attractive to donors who wish to retain control of their assets during their lifetimes and to assist ‘Iolani School at a future date.

Life Insurance

Depending upon the form of the gift, life insurance provides income tax benefits and estate tax benefits or just estate tax. The donor can give 'Iolani a paid up policy.

Gifts of Securities

‘Iolani often receives gifts of securities. Gifts of stock/securities are most welcome and provide the donor with benefits and can avoid a donor's capital gain and income tax.

Real Estate

‘Iolani welcomes real estate transferred during a lifetime (resulting in an income tax deduction) or transferred by will resulting in an estate tax deduction. Gifts of real estate would include a personal residence, a vacation home, a farm or ranch, income producing rental property, or undeveloped land. For more information, visit Gifts of Property.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift annuity is a contract under which ‘Iolani School, in return for a transfer of cash or other property, agrees to pay a fixed sum of money for a period measured by one or two lives. Gifts are not subject to immediate capital gains and provide donors with the security of fixed income fully guaranteed by ‘Iolani School. ‘Iolani offers both immediate and deferred annuities to meet the individual needs of its donors.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust provides current income for the trust's beneficiary after which the principal passes to ‘Iolani. A remainder trust created in the donor's lifetime avoids immediate capital gain tax.

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust provides current income for the school after which the principal passes to the trust beneficiary. It provides income to the school each year, usually for a fixed period of time. Thereafter, the principal passes to another generation, typically the donor's children or grandchildren at a significantly reduced gift or estate tax cost.

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Matching Gifts

Matching Gift Through Employer

Your gift may be eligible for a matching gift through your employer. Some companies allows you to direct its charitable dollars to the organization(s) you are supporting by matching your gifts. An investment of just a few minute's time can having a measurable effect on your giving to ‘Iolani School. Simply contact your human resources office about obtaining a form. Once the completed information is provided to us, we will confirm your gift and return it to your employer, and they will take it from there!

Thank you for considering the opportunity to increase the impact of your gift. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ‘Iolani Advancement Office at (808) 943-2256.

Gifts of Property

Real Property

‘Iolani School gratefully accepts gifts of real estate including a personal residence, a vacation home, a condominium, a farm or ranch, an income producing rental property, or an undeveloped land.

The donor may transfer the property to ‘Iolani School during his or her lifetime (resulting in an income tax deduction) or by will at the donor's death (resulting in an estate tax deduction).

Please note: you may gift your real estate to ‘Iolani School outright, to a Charitable Remainder Trust or by a single deed in which you retain the right to enjoy your residence for the rest of your life. By reserving a life interest, you get a current income tax deduction and avoid capital gains all the while living in your own home just as you did before you made your gift to ‘Iolani School.

Tangible Property

‘Iolani School is happy to accept gifts of fine art, jewels, and other significant items as donations.

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of Securities

The easy way to transfer stock can be handled by your broker. Call Chris Shimabukuro '85 at (808) 943-2256 to obtain transfer information.

For more information on how to support ‘Iolani School, contact the Advancement Office.