'Iolani Fund 2017-18: Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way

At 'Iolani, our aim is to educate and empower each of our students so that when they go out into the world, they're ready to change it. While we keep an eye on preparing students for success in college and beyond, we also strive to unleash their potential today by providing opportunities and challenges to do things that defy conventional wisdom about what a high school student is capable of doing.

The student stories featured below are just a few examples of the kind of magic that can happen when a school equips its students with the ability to create, the confidence to take risks, and the belief that there are no limits to what's possible.

Support of the 'Iolani Fund ensures that we can support them Every Step of the Way as each student develops their own unique passions and interests, inspired by outstanding programs both inside and outside of the classroom. You have the ability to help 'Iolani provide an experience that can be a catalyst for bigger thoughts, dreams, and actions.

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Davey, Class of 2018

Davey recently won 1st place and Best In Category Awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his project, A Noninvasive Morphokinetic Model For Aneuploidy Screening of Human Preimplantation Embryos. Davey's groundbreaking research is possible because your support of the 'Iolani Fund allows us to provide university level research facilities and one-to-one mentorship to our students in the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership.

"It's so exciting to know that there's a community built around science that I love being a part of. From early on, my teachers piqued my interest in science and supported my interest in genetic and developmental biology. Then, when I first started working in the Wet Lab, it was so inspiring to have a real university level research lab where you have so many resources at hand."

Sean, Class of 2018

Sean's dream to become United States Secretary of State has been fostered through travel opportunities with various 'Iolani extracurricular student groups. Your gifts to the 'Iolani Fund allow the school to provide a broad array of programs outside the classroom that expose students to our global community and inspire them to make an impact.

"I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had here to see the world and learn about other countries and cultures. They've made me realize I want to pursue a career that combines politics, international affairs, and business. The next 30-40 years are going to be a critical time in the world's history, and I want to do my part to ensure that we have a good outcome."

Naia, Class of 2020

Naia is an aspiring engineer who has built customized drones that have allowed student researchers to collect water samples from the Ala Wai Canal with the goal of improving water quality. Through the 'Iolani Fund, you can support the work of students like Naia, who want to do more than just create things. They want to use their skills to solve real world problems.

"My view on what I could do changed when I came to school here...I realized that there are so many more possibilities. I really believe that I can do something that could impact the world by using technology to improve the environment."

Natalie, Class of 2018

Your support of the 'Iolani Fund ensures that students like Natalie - who have diverse interests - have a chance to pursue all of them and find their passion. After taking Advanced Placement courses in Computer Science and Economics, she is now pursuing an independent study project in which she will examine the impact artificial intelligence will have on the global economy.

"I've been interested in so many different things at 'Iolani. Fortunately, it's a place where I could explore all of them. Now that I know I want to pursue an economics degree, I'm excited that the school offers independent study opportunities that go beyond what I've learned in class. It's great to be able to dig even deeper into a field I am really interested in."