Underwrite Opening Night of the Spring Musical

"It's definitely important that we as a school community give the opportunity to our students to explore their passion, go into creative pursuits, and reach beyond what they're comfortable with."

- Manny Dayao '98, Performing Arts Faculty

Student artists benefit tremendously when they have the opportunity to practice their craft in venues appropriate for the quality of their performances.

The historic Hawai'i Theatre is the only local space that meets the seating capacity, technical, and acoustical requirements of our annual spring musical. However, rental fees for the theatre will increase significantly next school year.
An 'Iolani Fund gift in support of the Arts will help us ensure that we can keep the spring musical at Hawai'i Theatre so that our students' talents will be showcased in a venue fitting the quality their work.

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We are very excited to report that, thanks to the support of many donors, we've reached our goal of $8,000 in gifts and pledges. Thank you to all who have participated and made a gift to support our student artists!