‘Io Society Members

Mahalo to the following friends who have made a commitment to join the ‘Io Society.

Founders ($25,000+ Annually)

Mr. John Arrillaga and Ms. Justine Stamen Arrillaga
Mr. Curtis Freeze
Mr. Thomas A. Jermoluk '72 and Ms. Ivana Berendika
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lay
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Takeshi Saeki '82
Ms. Emelda Wong Trainor '95 and Mr. Sheldon Trainor
Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Yamamoto '69
Anonymous (3)

Fellows ($10,000 - $24,999 Annually)

Mr. Christian K. Adams '96 and Mrs. Rachel Hvidding Adams '96
Mrs. Joan M. Camp
Mr. James D. Clark and Mrs. Aya Okuda-Clark
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dean
Mr. David Feldman and Ms. Judy Iriye
Mr. and Mrs. Shinichi Fujimoto
Mr. and Mrs. Jon K.T. Genka '80
Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Haruki
Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Heenan '92
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn A. Izumi '60
Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Kaneshige '79
Mr. and Mrs. Randall T. Kaya '74
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kim
Dr. Calvin S. Oishi '79
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Ono '72
Mr. Sanford T. Ota '73
Mr. William J. Tobin and Ms. Tracy Tanaka
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Wall
Dr. and Mrs. C. Scott Wo

Mr. and Mrs. Toru Yamada
Ms. Jodi Shin Yamamoto '89 and Mr. Dean T. Yamamoto
Anonymous (1)

Leaders ($5,000 - $9,999 Annually)

Mr. and Mrs. Yusuke Aonuma '98
Trevor '92 and Rae '92 Benn
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butcher, Jr.
Dr. Kenneth K.H. Chan '79 and Ms. Janice Fukuda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H.F. Ching '89
Mr. Wendell J.H. Choy '74 and Dr. Edith Pang
Dr. Alvin H.L. Chung '78
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Cottrell
Mr. Robert H. Dawson and Dr. Lauren K. Dawson
Dr. Monte Elias
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Hall '85
Mr. Frank K. Hamada '53
Mr. Shaun T. Hamada '96
Todd '85 and Susan Haruki
Mr. Deven D. Higa '99
Mr. and Mrs. Justin K. Izumi '93
Mr. and Mrs. James Kawashima '60
Mr. Ronald H. Kikawa
Mrs. Vivienne King Huang '05
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kosasa '75
Dr. and Mrs. Whitney M.L. Limm '76
Mr. Zhengke Liu and Ms. Shuanghong Zhou
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C.K. Maii '95
Dr. Garrett Matsunaga '91 and Dr. Melanie T. Dee
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad H. Murashige '68
Mr. and Mrs. R. Shawn Neville '80
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Nishihara '79
Dr. Leslie A. Oshita '71
Mr. and Mrs. Bronson L. Pai '95
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Pentland
Mr. Ye Qian and Ms. Wei Gao
Mr. and Mrs. Glen N. Sakima '80
Michael '79 and Akane Shimoko Yuasa Anderson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Donn M. Takaki '87
Mr. Michael S. Takayama '96 and Mrs. Rebeka Hvidding Takayama '96
Tamotsu '53 and M. Esther Tanaka
Mr. and Mrs. Kent K. Tsukamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun S. Ushijima '81
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn A. K. Victorino '93
Dr. John T. Wu and Dr. Christina N. Nguyen
Mark '74 and Ruth Yamakawa
Mr. Ryan C. Yamamoto '97 and Mrs. Mandy Tomita Yamamoto '98
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. C. Yu

Anonymous (1)

Scholars ($2,500 - $4,999 Annually)

Mr. Steven C. Ai '72
Mrs. Carol Ai May and Mr. T. Michael May
Mr. and Mrs. Cord D. Anderson '99
Ms. Ernette Y. Au
CDR Robert M. Bennett '75
Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Butkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Camp '81
Mr. Alan G.H. Chang '95 and Mrs. Jennifer Kwock Chang '95
Mr. and Mrs. Kyong Tae Chang
Ms. Yu Chen '94 and Mr. Sean Tong
Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Y. Cheng '95
Earl '80 and Sandra A. Ching
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Chong Kee '84
Mrs. Brigitte MacNaughton Egbert '89 and Mr. Robert R. Egbert
Mr. Keith K.Y. Emerson '97
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K.M. Emerson '95
ADM and Mrs. Thomas B. Fargo
Ms. Kim Gennaula Hagi and Mr. Guy Hagi
Mr. and Mrs. Randal K. Gerell
Mr. Kenneth F. Goldstein '80 and Ms. Shelley Wood-Goldstein
Mr. Daniel Healy
Mrs. Kathryn Healy
Mr. David C. Hulihee '67
Dr. Elizabeth C. Ignacio '89 and Mr. David Kostecki
Ms. Jamie Kimura Izuka '95 and Dr. Byron Izuka
Mr. and Mrs. Guy K. Kamitaki '73
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Kan
Mr. Melvin Y. Kaneshige '66 and Dr. Nancy E. Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Kashiwa '72
Mrs. Tracy Hasegawa Kimura '87 and Mr. David Kimura
Dr. Keith M. Koga '83 and Mrs. Carrie Osumi Koga '86
Mr. and Mrs. Cory J J. Kubota '92
Ms. Melody M.H. Kuroda '94 and Mr. Andrew Takahashi
Mr.* and Mrs. Brian E. LaPorte '76
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mu-Sheng Lawn '96
Kenneth J. Lee '61 and Jennifer K.L. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K.K. Li '96
Dr. and Mrs. Calbert M.B. Lum '65
Mr. Arnold Martines and Mrs. Thuy-Hong N. Nguyen-Martines
Mr. Kurt Matsumoto and Ms. Lyn Utsugi
Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Matsuzaki '81
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Miki
Mrs. EJ Lee Milken '91 and Mr. Gregory A. Milken
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Y. Miyashiro '85
Dr. and Mrs. Gary K. Morita
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell K. Morita '90
Dr. Randal Motooka and Dr. Tammy Chang-Motooka
Dr. Mark M. Mugiishi '77
Mr. Shaun M. Mukai '90
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Y. Mukai '51
Mr. Michael M. Ni '01
Mrs. Lori Ann Hamano Nishimura '00 and Mr. Stason Nishimura
Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Okasaki '91
Dr. Michele Yamada Pangilinan '96
Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Penn
Ms. Nicole R. Rino '93
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rodi, III
Mr. Micah Y. Sadoyama '98 and Mrs. Miki Kurokawa Sadoyama '92
Keith and Lisa Sakamoto
Mr. Daniel "Kainoa" Scheer '11
Mr. Tony Schmidt
Ms. Valerie Schmidt
Mrs. Tami Matayoshi Senyuva '83 and Dr. David Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Y. Shigemura '81
Mr. Kelvin K. Shigemura
Mrs. Trisha L. Shimabuku-Fish '83
Nan and Mariko Shin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Shin
Chris '65 and Linda M. Shirai
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel I. Singer
The Rev. Dr. Bert M. Sumikawa '55
Dr. Masaki Takai '86 and Dr. Amanda Ho Takai '88
Mr. and Mrs. Reid K. Takamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Wade D. Takenishi '89
Dr. and Mrs. Alan K. Tanaka '77
Mr. and Mrs. Taiji Terasaki
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tokiwa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Toyofuku '58
Dr. and Mrs. Garret K. Uehara '81
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Wachi '66
Mrs. Denise Miyasaki Wheeler '83 and Mr. Peter B. Wheeler
Dr. Robert M. Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wo
Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Wong '94
Mr. Delwyn H.W. Wong '91 and Ms. Marie Misawa
Mr. Irwyn H.G. Wong '98 and Dr. Dawn Matsui Kuriyama '00
Mr. Corey I. Yamamoto '01 and Ms. Sara Inouye Yamamoto '01
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M.J. Young '64
Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Yuasa

Anonymous (4)

Raiders ($1,500 - $2,499 Annually)

Dr. Jared D. Acoba '93 and Dr. Bliss E. Acoba
Brad '99 and Cord '99 Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Myles M. Arakawa '79
Dr. Jason H. Brown '97 and Ms. Natalia Chan
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Cho '67
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chu
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Y. Endo
Dr. and Mrs. Walter S.O. Fo '64
Dr. and Mrs. Lyndon D. Fong '77
Mr. Blaine W. Fujimoto '99 and Mrs. Chanelle Chung Fujimoto '00
Ms. Mari T. Galiher '10
Dr. and Mrs. Craig S. Haga '83
Mr. and Mrs. Jon K.Y. Hokama '74
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne H.T.F. Hue '79
Mrs. Faith Ichida
Mr. Brandon R. Kam '00
Dr. Jerome H. Kim '77 and Dr. Silvia R. Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Kim '64
The Rev. Daniel L. Leatherman and Ms. Charmaine Chong
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lee
Dr. Worldster Lee and Dr. Patricia Young Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.Y. Leong '48
Mr. Zachary Linnert and Mr. Kevin Pease
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Lum
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Matsumoto '89
Mr. Jonathan W. Matsumoto '97
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg S. Matsuura '82
Mr. Bert T. Matsuwaki '87
Dr. Meri-Mika Morisada '83 and Mr. Joseph R. Guillou
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk W.M. Nakamoto '91
Mr. Dale K. Nishikawa '71
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Park '96
Mr. Jonathan Poe '78 and Ms. Anne Vitullo
Dr. Timur M. Roytman '97 and Ms. Mariko Johnson
Dr. Michael K. Sakuda '87 and Mrs. Christine Maii Sakuda '87
Mr. Jeffrey K. Strona '04 and Mrs. Sara Tsukamoto Strona '07
Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Suemori '73
Ms. Rae Ann S. Takai
Mr. Travis J.T. Teruya '01 and Mrs. Kate Saari Teruya '01
Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Togami
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Tsukamoto '77
Mr. Dean Y. Ushijima '06 and Mrs. Laura Shiraki Ushijima '03
Mr. and Mrs. Landy A. Wang
Mrs. Emily K. Waters
Mr. Theodore W.J. Wong '47
Mr. Kurt Y. Yoshikawa '10

Anonymous (4)

Visionaries ($1,000 - $1,499 Annually)

Dr. Stephanie K. Abe '95
Roy '59 and Lavern Adaniya
Mr. Kala Ahloy '95
Mr. and Mrs. Heselomi V. Ahokovi
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan T.K. Aipa '72
Mrs. Jo Ann M. Akashi
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron A. Akau
Mr. Laurence L. Akiyama '94
Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. Allen '91
Dr. Donald S. Amano '50
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Andrasick '90
Mr. Shunsuke Aonuma '06
Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Arakawa '80
Mr. Derrick R. Arimoto '98 and Mrs. Tara Shibuya Arimoto '99
Mr. and Mrs. Creighton D. Arita '79
Mr. Rik K.N. Arita '97 and Mrs. Trisha Oyabu Arita '99
Mr. and Mrs. Donn R. Ariyoshi '79
Mr. Donn K. Arizumi '87 and Mrs. Nina Inuo Arizumi '91
Mrs. Shannon Kajikawa Asato '97 and Mr. Keith M. Asato
Mrs. Lisa K. Asato-Aun '97 and Mr. Steven Aun
Mr. Lawrence Au
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K.M. Au '63
Mr. and Mrs. Philip K.Y. Au '77
Mr. David E. Austin and Dr. Jennifer A. Loh
Ms. Jan Okumura Awakuni '94 and Dr. Steven M. Awakuni
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Ayabe '63
Kristi and Kenneth Bates
Dr. Cathy K. Bell '87 and Mr. James D. Bell
Ms. Yumi F. Benedicto-Dugger '84 and Mr. Frank Dugger
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Biven '54
Mr. Todd A. Blankenship '04 and Mrs. Allison Ishii Blankenship '02
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus R. Boland
Mr. Gregory Bowman
Mr. B. Tate Brown '86
Mrs. Roxann Chun Bulman '89 and Mr. Erik Bulman
Mr. Christopher J. Butler and Ms. Piyada Nonzee
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Camp '90
Mr. James S. Chan '98
Dr. Yvonne L.H. Chan and Mr. Benjamin A. Godsey
Ms. Allison S.Y. Chang '90 and Mr. Ivan Huang
Mr. and Mrs. David J.K. Chang '85
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chang
Richard* S.O. '59 and Delia M.Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Syin Chao '84
Mr. Ryan M. Char '03 and Mrs. Taryn Ikehara Char '04
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Charles
Mr. Szu Ping Chen '86
Mrs. Cherylynn Kim Cheng '97 and Mr. Geoffrey Cheng
Dr. Aster Chin and Mr. Greg Puppione
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Ching '66
Mr. and Mrs. Darren W.K. Ching '89
Dr. and Mrs. Derek A.K.M. Ching '96
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon M.T. Ching '82
Gerald and Gladys Ching
Ms. Krystal W.L. Ching '04
Drs. Michael G. '88 and Susan Ching
Dr. Michael S.L. Ching '94 and Ms. Nan Ketpura-Ching
Mr. Byoung Chul Cho and Dr. Jung Eun Lee
Dr. Armand K. Chong '79 and Mrs. Catherine Lee Chong
Dr. Sherri Lyn Chong '93 and Mr. Clifford Yuen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C.W. Choo '93
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K.W. Chow '58
Mr. Robert T. Chow '99 and Mrs. Janelle Fukumoto Chow '99
Dr. and Mrs. Dexter J.L. Choy '65
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley J.J. Choy '76
Dr. Kathryn M. Chun '94 and Mr. Todd R. Fleming
Dr. Leslie B. Chun '92 and Dr. Susan Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Raynard K. Chun '66
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Chun '71
Mr. Alex S. Cross '01
Mr. Desmond K.P. Delce '98
Mr. and Mrs. Edward John Doty, III '74
Dr. Lily Driskill and Mr. James William Bango
Mr. and Mrs. Tushar Dubey '94
Ms. Nicole C. Edwards-Masuda '00
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Egesdal
Ms. Jessica Ebisu Enos '93 and Mr. Joe Enos
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Failla, Jr. '67
Mr. Benjamin R. Fieman '02
Mr. James J. Finley '80
Mr. Robert A. Firehock '64
The Right Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fleischer
Mr. Richard W.W. Fong '64
Ms. Kristina M. Francisco '99
Dr. Dean A. Fraser and Dr. Suzanne P. Kaneshiro
Ms. Larissa L.A. Fujii-Lau '00
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fujikawa
Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Fujinaka
Mr. Jason Kenji Fujita '93
Mr. and Mrs. Grant T. Fukuda '00
Dr. Bryce K. Fukunaga '00
Dr. Jill K. Furubayashi '98
Mr. Andrew Furuta '86 and Mrs. Lisa Larson Furuta '91
Dr. and Mrs. Grant Y. Fusato '85
Dr. and Mrs. David Gaudi, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Gibson '76
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G.P. Goo '65
Mr. Vincent S. Goshi '62
Mr. Michael K. Goto '03
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford D. Goto '74
Ms. Nancy N. Grekin
Mr. Jonathan S.A. Grobe '02
Mr. and Mrs. Reid A. Gushiken
Mr. and Mrs. Darryn Habu
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Hackler '71
Mr. Ryan M. Hamaguchi '03
Dr. Jared T. Hamamoto '95 and Dr. Shelliann A. Kawamoto
Mr. Royce M. Hamano '95
Mr. and Mrs. Galen K. Haneda '81
Mr. and Mrs. Muliufi Hannemann '72
Mrs. Natalie S. Hansen and Mr. John Hansen
Dr. Aaron M.T. Harada '04
Dr. Amy Barcia Harpstrite '83 and Dr. Jeffery Kimo Harpstrite
Mr. and Mrs. Jason H. Haruki '96
Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Hatayama '70
Mr. Jeffrey A. Hawk '85 and Mrs. Aubrey Olson Hawk '85
Mr. and Mrs. Ken K. Hayashida '79
Mr. Eric J. Helfer '94
Mrs. Marcie Uehara Herring '89 and Mr. Kevin Herring
Mr. Ryan P. Hew '97 and Mrs. Jennifer Yoshiura Hew '98
Mr. Lawrence T. Higa
Mr. Scott Higa '82 and Mrs. Misao Mokuta
Mr. Ryan M. Himeda '95
Mr. Ryan Y. Hirata '04 and Mrs. Tobi Takata Hirata '05
Alan and Sylvia Ho
Mr. Daniel G.W. Ho '91 and Dr. Lauren O.L. Ho '91
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C.Y. Ho
Dr. Michael W.L. Ho '77
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Hodges
Mr. Alexander L. Horner '15
Mr. Matthew R. Horner '11
Mr. and Mrs. Grant E. Howe '71
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Tin-Fah Huang, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Ichiriu '91
Ms. Kimi M. Ide-Foster '06
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Ikeda
Mrs. Joy Ishida Imada '98 and Mr. Darren Imada
Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Inaba '81
Gary '69 and Joy Inamine
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin K.Y. Ing '74
Ms. Laura Ing '93 and Mr. David Oh
Dr. and Mrs. Carey S. Inouye '66
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Inouye '51
Dr. and Mrs. Jay T. Ishida '94
Mr. Grant K. Ishikawa '86
Dr. Kevin Ishioka '96 and Dr. Emily Wang
Dr. Erick M. Itoman '90 and Mrs. Laurene Haga Itoman '94
Mr. Marc Tadachi Iyomasa '93 and Dr. Emily Iyomasa
Mr. and Mrs. Barry G.S. Jim On '86
Dr. Jeani Tsukamoto Jow '93 and Mr. Carlton Jow
Mr. Ruben C. Jubinsky '81 and Mr. Ian McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kabei
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Kagami '70
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Kagawa
Dr. Nicole Prevo Kageyama '89 and Dr. Nobu Kageyama
Mr. and Mrs. Asa K. Kajihiro '94
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan K. Kamemoto '93
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Kamitaki '70
Mr. Derek P.S. Kamm '99
Mrs. Joelle Segawa Kane '87 and Mr. Micah Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Kaneda
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaneshiro '79
Mr. Jonathan T. Kaneshiro '12
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kashiwabara '82
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kashiwamura '55
Mr. Clayton M. Katsuyoshi '92
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Katsuyoshi '85
Mr. Corey T. Kawai '88
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Kawakami
Randy '89 and Lei '88 Kawamura
Mr. Derek Y. Kawano '02
The Honorable and Mrs. James S. Kawashima '84
Mr. Davin T. Kazama '94 and Mrs. Noelani Soriano Kazama '94
Dr. Gina Batacan Kellner '87 and Mr. Bart Kellner
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred K. Keola, Jr. '73
Mr. Nolan Y. Kido '97 and Dr. Lisa Wong '01
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Killips '02
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Earl T. Kim '80
Dr. Gerald W.H. Kim '93
Mr. and Mrs. Suh-Young Kim '97
Mr. Ralph D. Klous
Dr. Joy Fujinaka Kluth '05
Dennis and Wendy Kodama
Mr. Hugh Kojima
Mr. Galen M. Komo '04 and Dr. Cori-Ann M. Hirai '04
Mr. and Mrs. Cody K. Kondo '74
Mr. and Mrs. Corin M. Korenaga '97
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert M. Korenaga, Jr. '72
Dr. and Mrs. Reid T. Koyanagi '94
Mr. Garrett Krueger '88 and Ms. Mieko Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Kuioka '92
Mr. Hong-Ji Kuo and Ms. Yng J. Lin
Dr. and Mrs. Hideki P. Kurokawa
Mr. and Mrs. Akemi Kurokawa
Mr. Ryan K. Kusumoto '93 and Mrs. Erin Miyamoto Kusumoto '93
Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Kuwada '69
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Kwan '83
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kwock
Dr. Michael F. LaGory and Ms. Suzanne E. Casart
Mr. and Mrs. Morris K. Lai '61
Dr. Gregory K.W. Lam '91 and Dr. Kristen Lam
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. H. Lam '93
Mr. Allan J.N. Lau '83
Mr. Christopher Brett Lau '98 and Dr. Lauren J.M. Imai-Lau '98
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. K. Lau '90
Mr. Gayle John Lau and Ms. Lorinda Wong-Lau
Mr. Glenn S.C. Lau '80
Dr. Rhiana Lau '98 and Mr. Daniel Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K.Y. Lau '58
Dr. Brian C.W. Law '94
Dr. Bradford W. Lee '00
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan T. Lee '93
Dr. Cassie M. Lee '00 and Mr. Craig Okumura
Mr. Christopher K. Lee '88 and Ms. Sharlene R. Ginoza-Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Y. Lee
Mrs. Iris Lee '98 and Dr. Jonathan Grein
Mr. and Mrs. James H.Q. Lee '74
Mr. Jeffrey K. Lee '92 and Mrs. Michelle Cordero Lee '93
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney C.L. Lee '71
Ms. Yuan-Sea Janise Lee '94
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Levy
Dr.* and Mrs. Francis J.G. Liu '69
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln G.Y. Loo '96
Mrs. Chrysti Chun Lu '93 and Mr. Chieh Fu Lu
Ms. Robynne L. Maii '92 and Mr. John C. Bussler, II
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome O. Manning '66
Mr. and Mrs. George Mansho, Jr. '71
Mrs. Yvette Yuen Maskrey '84 and Mr. Jim Maskrey
Mr. and Mrs. Yuji Matsumoto '94
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Melohn, III '78
Mr. William W. Milks, III '90 and Ms. Traci Young
Mr. Joe B. Miller and Mrs. Jamie Tamanaha Miller
Dr. Kenneth T. Minami '79 and Ms. Rebecca Ohta
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Minami '60
Mr. Reed G. Minuth '67 and Dr. Megin Minuth
Mr. and Mrs. Colin O. Miwa '74
Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Miyagi '81
Mr. and Mrs. Jonah I. Miyahira '89
Mr. Carleton A.Y. Miyamoto '91 and Ms. Betty K. Pun
Mr. David T. Miyamoto '88 and Dr. Terri M. Miyamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Troy M. Miyasato '79
Mr. and Mrs. Alton K. Miyashiro '72
Mrs. Joelle Inamine Miyashiro '96 and Dr. Michael J. Miyashiro
Mrs. Melanie Sogi Mizumoto '94 and Mr. Marc Mizumoto
Mr. Sean T. Mochizuki '02
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Mochizuki
Mrs. Regina Chock Mok '99
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Monaco '87
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Y. Mori '79
Mr. and Mrs. Guy S. Moriguchi
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford A. Morioka '85
Mr. C. Michael Moses '93 and Dr. Kari Chang-Moses '93
Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. Motoyama '69
Drs. Joseph '71 and Joy Murakami
Dr. Eric M. Muraoka '04
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Muraoka '62
Mr. and Mrs. Hideki Nagai
Dr. Dennis T. Nagata '71
Mr. George M. Naito '63
Mr. and Mrs. Darin K. Nakagawa '95
Mr. Robert M. Nakagawa '71
Mr. and Mrs. Greg T. Nakajo '94
Mrs. Christine M. Nakamatsu
Mr. and Mrs. Jared G. Nakamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Nakamoto '82
Mr. Nolan T. Nakamura '92 and Ms. Megan L. Kawatachi '93
Dr. Reid K. Nakamura '97
Mr. and Mrs. Darren D. Nakao '90
Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth S. Nakatsuka
Dr. and Mrs. Paul I. Nakayama '55
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan T. Natori '83
Dr. Roland C.K. Ng '66 and Mrs. Vivian Khoo Ng
Dr. Chuong Nguyen and Dr. Diana Huang
Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Nihei '85
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley K. Nihei '88
Ms. Jena M. Nishida '03
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Y. Nishikawa '89
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Y. Nishikawa '88
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl K. Nitta '96
Mr. and Mrs. Justin K. Nomi '99
Mr. George Norcross, II '67 and Dr. Tyrie Lee Jenkins
Dr. Catherine M.W.Y. Oberholzer
Dr. Jon E. Oda '91 and Mrs. Robin Yang
Mr. Michael T. Ohata '81 and Dr. Cynthia Shimoda Ohata '85
Mr. Mark T. Ohigashi '03 and Dr. Allison Ohigashi
Ms. Catherine Ohta
Dr. and Mrs. Martin K. Oishi '76
Dr. Lorna L. Okada '95 and Mr. Darrell K.H. Wong '94
Dr. and Mrs. Wynn H. Okuda
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Okumura '91
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A.K. O'Leary
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin T. Onaka '65
Mr. and Mrs. Owen K. Oshiro
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Otake '93
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Otani '65
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Otani '70
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Y. Otsu '82
Mr. David S. Oyadomari '89 and Mrs. Tammi Oyadomari-Chun
Dr. and Mrs. Allen G.W. Pang '90
Mrs. Kristin Shinkawa Papa '02 and Mr. Rik Papa
Dr. Jeffrey R. Peterson '99 and Dr. Sarah J. Grekin '99
Dr. and Mrs. Ted N. Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pfingsten
Mr. and Mrs. William Pieper
Mr. Jeremy C. Porter '01 and Ms. Daniela K.I. Chan '04
Mr. Ricky A. Pua'a and Ms. Kaleialoha Cadinha-Pua'a
Dr. Devin P. Puapong '93
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reiter
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Remedios, Jr.
Mr. Jason A. Reyes '01
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Colin Rushing '91
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Sadoyama '99
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Y. Sadoyama '68
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin K. Saito '78
Russell '61 and Lei Anne Saito
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford S. Saito '72
Mr. Brad M. Sakamoto '88
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle C. Sakoda '79
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Samsonas '93
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Sasaki '82
Dr. and Mrs. Kent A. Sato '74
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Sato '03
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn N. Satsuma '68
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Evan I. Scherman '88
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Y. Shigemura '61
Dr. Brent J.I. Shigeoka '76
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey K. Shigeta
Mr. Zachary K. Shikada '08
Chris '85 and Shiori Shimabukuro
Herbert and Lillian Shimabukuro
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Y. Shimao
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun A. Shimizu '92
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Shimoda '52
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Shinkawa
Mr. Ryan S. Shinkawa '00 and Mrs. Jennifer Morishige Shinkawa '02
Mr. Stewart T. Shirasu '90
Mr. Roy A. Shishido '96 and Dr. Allyson A. Spence '01
Mr. R. Scott Simon '88 and Mrs. Lisa Lee Simon '88
LTC and Mrs. Frederick A. Slane '76
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Small '97
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Smith '80
Ms. Leslie Fine So'oalo and Mr. Pat So'oalo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L.K.S. Soon '98
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Soriano
Mr. Tyler K.M. Street '04
Ms. Devynne E.K.U. Sue '03
Mr. Anthony F.T. Suetsugu '03
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Y. Suetsugu '95
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Suganuma '96
Dr. and Mrs. Ricky T. Sukita '78
Patrick and Jan Sullivan
Dr. Nicole Yamaguchi Sun '05 and Dr. Andrew Sun
Dr. Tai Sunnland '05
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Tajima '66
David '64 and Lee Takagi
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Takahashi '76
Mr. Sean S. Takamori '95
Mr. and Mrs. Hale I. Takazawa '86
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan T. Takemoto '94
Dr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Takenishi '58
Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Takesue '94
Dr. Alyson A. Tamamoto '03 and Mr. Brett Kagawa
Dr. and Mrs. Warren I. Tamamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus K. Tamashiro '71
Dr. David J. Tamura '86 and Mrs. Lisa Oshiro-Tamura
Mrs. Jennie Sakamoto Tamura '02
Mr. Kwong K. Tan and Dr. Vivien Tham
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrod M. Tanaka '95
Mrs. Shelly H. Tanaka '90 and Mr. Kai Hobbs
Dr. and Mrs. Lance M. Taniguchi '94
Mr. Lawrence G. Tanimoto '80 and Mrs. Shenghui Guan
Mrs. Ellen H. Tanoura
Dr. Chad T. Tao '03 and Dr. Karlyn L. Young '03
Mrs. Shari Ann Akashi Tapper '90 and Mr. John E. Tapper
Ms. Kimberly Tengan
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly K. Teramoto '04
Mr. and Mrs. Lance S. Terayama
Ms. Jenna S. Teruya '03
Mr. and Mrs. Justin T.M. Teruya '99
Dr. and Mrs. Luke Y. Teruya '77
Dr. Nina M. Teruya '91 and Mr. Jeffrey Tamaye

Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Todo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Y.S. Tom '62

Ms. Leslie S. Tomokiyo '00
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot N. Tomomitsu '67
Mrs. Kathy S. Tonokawa
Mr. and Mrs. Rand H. Totoki '79
Mr. Mark D.H. Tsuchiyama '97
Mr. Thomas Tsuchiyama and Ms. Rhonda A. Nishimura
Dick '61 and Cassandra Tsuda
Mr. Warren H. Tyau '81 and Dr. Cheryl Tyau-Tamanaha
Mrs. Sarie Okimoto Uechi '86 and Mr. Steven Uechi
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Uemori '86
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Ueyama
Dr. and Mrs. Frank W. Uhr
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine R. Umeda '01
Mr. Ronald Y. Uno '94
Mr. Akira Usami '91 and Dr. Shellie Usami
Ms. Lauren L.K. Uyeshiro '00
Dr. Donald R. van Deventer and Ms. Ayako Iwata
Ms. Emily A. Viso
Mr. and Mrs. Jared A. Wakayama '03
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wee
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wehner
Mr. Carleton L. Williams and Ms. Gail S. Nakamura
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Williams '75
Mr. Chad K. Willing '89
Dr. Cindy V.L. Wong '86 and Mr. Titus Tan
Mr. Darren T.Q. Wong '76
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley K. S. Wong '80
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.H. Wong '81
LTC Ryan T.F. Wong '97
Dr. and Mrs. Steven C.K.H. Wong '81
Dr. Yuanan Lu and Dr. Chunmei Wu
Mr. Jesse Wu and Ms. Rochelle Nagata-Wu
Mr. Tan Mau Wu '98
Ms. Susan E. Yamada
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Y. Yamagata '00
Jon '69 and Stephanie C. Yamaguchi
Dr. Rachel M. Yamakawa '02
Mr. J. Jeremy Yamamoto '95
Mr. Sean M.S. Yamamoto '18
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Yamamoto '65
Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Yamamura '82
Mr. Todd R. Yamanaka '84 and Dr. Lori Kitazaki Yamanaka '88
Mr. and Mrs. Darin S. Yamashita '04
James '59 and Joan Yamashita
Dr. and Mrs. Bryce K. Yamauchi '77
Ms. Gina Giang Yang '01 and Mr. Alan Yang
Dr. Grant M. Yasui '96 and Dr. Jennifer Lee
Steve '75 and Ann Yasui
Dr. and Mrs. K. Albert Yazawa '85
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J.P. Yee '66
Dr. James C. W. Yee
Dr. Jaryd G.K. Yee '04 and Dr. Anne Yoshizawa
Ms. Ann K. Yoneshige
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry K. Yoneshige '71
Mr. and Mrs. Minoru Yoneshige
Mrs. Lindsay Kikawa Yoshiki '04 and Mr. Eric Yoshiki
Dr. Nelson Yoshioka, Jr. '77 and Dr. Cheryl Niitani-Yoshioka
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin S.T. Young '66
Mr. and Mrs. Greg R.K.U. Young '91
Mr. Janson K.W. Young '99 and Dr. Nikki P. Inamine '99
Mr. and Mrs. Jason K.L. Young '66
Mrs. Leilani Tan Young '92 and Mr. Kory Young
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell C. Young
Ms. Claire Kimi Yuen '91 and Mr. Patrick T.Y. Yuen
Mr. Paul S.K. Yuen '73 and Ms. Judy Nakamura

Anonymous (19)

Young Professionals ($500 Annually)

Mr. Lance K. Hirai '04
Dr. and Mrs. Adam S. Inaba '04
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Inouye '04
Ms. Devan M. Kawakami-Wong '04
Mr. John R. Kukui '04
Mr. Karl Punahele Motoyama '04
Ms. Leigh M. Okimoto '06
Mr. Ryan K.K. Ono '05
Mr. Dillon C. Powers '07
Mr. Hayden I. Teruya '15
Mrs. Alyson Nakagawa Wachi '04 and Mr. Nicholas Wachi
Mr. Kyle K. Yoneshige '04 and Ms. Christina Wu
Anonymous (4)

Young Alumni ($250 Annually)

Mr. Matthew G. Amore '10
Mr. Lee T. Anderson '06
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett J. Arakawa '10
Mr. Myka K. Arakawa '13
Ms. Elisa M. Asato '07
Mr. Jacob R. Baba '13
Ms. Lauren M. Baba '09
Mr. Brandon O. Ball '09
Mr. Austin T. Barnes '06
Mr. Brenton S. Bowyer '06
Mr. Jonah P. Buchanan '17
Mr. Christopher Y. Bueno '13
Dr. Marie T. Calvet '09
Ms. Christine M. Chen '06
Ms. Dayna M. Chikamoto '08
Ms. Stephanie K.M. Chin '08
Ms. Megan M.P. Chock '06
Mr. Marcus W.H. Choy '06 Mrs. Jenna Tamashiro Choy
Mr. Mason W.K. Choy '08
Ms. Dakota Rei L. Chun '15
Ms. Stephanie G.N. Chun '09
Ms. Lianne T. Chung '10
Ms. Marissa M.J.A Chung '07
Ms. Tarah N.N. Driver '16
Dr. Nicole S. Endo '09
Ms. Christina M. Fasi '10
Ms. Jacie S. Fukada '15
Ms. Keileen M. Fukada '11
Mr. Kevin C.K. Fung '08
Mr. Stephen C.L. Fung '06
Mr. Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka '09 and Ms. Jamie Ozaki
Ms. Mika Geringer '13
Mr. Gregory J.Y. Hackler '05
Mr. Michael A.Y. Hackler '08
Ms. Taylor R. Hamai '14
Mr. Daniel J.S. Hee '08
Ms. Michelle M.D. Hee '10
Dr. Traci-Lynn C. Hirai '07
Mr. Mark I. Hiramoto '05
Mr. Michael T. Hirokawa '06
Mr. David A. Imanaka '08
Dr. Andrew T. Inaba '07 and Dr. Kelsie Inaba
Ms. Celia K. Kailio '08
Ms. Stacie K. Kamitaki '08
Mr. Ryan J. Kamo '06 and Ms. Jenn Louie
Ms. Elise H. Kaneshiro '13
Mr. Landon D. Kaneshiro '08
Ms. Leslie-Anne N. Kawano '10
Ms. Rachel K. Kaya '11
Mr. Chase D.A. Kessler '15
Miss Yasmin T. Kheradpey '09
Mr. Evan A. Killips '05
Ms. Alyssa M. Kim '13
Mr. Jodie Y. Kim '17
Ms. Lauren A. Kimura '05
Ms. Kristina N. Kokame '10
Ms. Lindsay E. Kosasa '09
Ms. Emily Kuo '09
Ms. Iris Kuo '12
Ms. Krystal M. Kurokawa '06
Ms. Katharine B.K. Lau '07
Ms. Jamie Lee '13
Ms. Kathryn S. Lee '09
Ms. Serena Li '11
Mr. Daniel P. Lim '05
Mr. David G. Lim '11
Mr. Stephen M. Lim '07
Mr. Daniel J.S.W.K. Lum '07
Ms. Gerilyn K.M. Manago '07
Ms. Darcy C. Marumoto '08
Ms. Taylor-Ann F. Marumoto '16
Ms. Lea K. Masatsugu '09
Ms. Kaz M.C. Masutani '07
Ms. Kelsey M. Matsuoka '11
Mr. Mike M. Matsuura '16
Mr. Kody K. Mento '13
Mr. Angus J.K. Mersberg '17
Ms. Heather N. Miki '07
Mr. Tayler Y. Mori '11
Mr. Kyson C.H. Morikuni '05 and Mrs. Robyn Yamakawa Morikuni '05
Ms. Michelle K. Morioka '08
Mr. Nicholas T. Moriwaki '08
Mrs. Lauren Kurashige Nagata '07
Mr. Jordan H. Nakamura '08
Mr. Justin A. Nakamura '05
Ms. Taryn R. Nakamura '07
Mr. Javin T. Nohara '13
Mr. Ryan S.Y. Oda '06 and Ms. Lyndsey Arakawa '08
Dr. Kari C.K. Oki '05
Mr. Reyn S.P. Ono '10
Ms. Mychal E.M. Ozoa '08
Ms. Sachiko J. Pettit '09
Ms. Miyoko T. Pettit-Toledo '07 and Mr. Silas Oliveira de Toledo
Mrs. Mindy Yoneshige Pililaau '06 and Mr. Eric Pililaau
Dr. Jeffrey T. Sakamoto '09
Mr. John T. Sakamoto '12
Dr. Reid Isao Sakamoto '09
Ms. Jennifer K. Sato '17
Ms. Jessica Lynn S. Saylors '09
Mr. Joshua Alexander H.S.K. Seto '10 and Mrs. Lumi Shimizu Seto '10
Mr. Leo Y. Shimizu '06
Mr. Mathew J. Shimoko '09
Mr. Patrick S. Shimoko '11
Mr. and Mrs. Kawika T. Shoji '06
Mrs. Noelle Lee Shorenstein '08 and Mr. Jeremy Shorenstein
Mr. Michael K.E. Silva '13
Ms. Alyssa N.E. Simbahon '08
Mr. Dustin E. Singer '08
Mr. Andrew G.N. Skalman '10
Mr. Christopher P. St. Sure '06
Ms. Denysse E.K.H. Sue '06
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Takamura '06
Mr. Peter Glenn M. Takara '08
Mr. Colby R. Takeda '07
Ms. Erin S. Taketa '08
Mr. Matthew B. Talavera '10
Mr. Kevin T. Tanaka '09
Ms. Steffanie L. Tanaka '12
Mr. Ryan H. Tsukamoto '05
Ms. Sarah S. Turgeon '07
Mr. Wade K. Wakashige '94 and Mrs. Kira Tamashiro Wakashige '05
Mr. Eamon M. Wall '08
Ms. Carla S.L.S. Watase '07
Mr. Colby K.C.M. Watase '17
Ms. Kari Y.L.S. Watase '10
Ms. Cassidy M.L. Wheeler '17
Mr. Peter S. Wheeler '19
Mr. Keola T. Williams '07 and Ms. Elyse C.N. Oyama '07
Mrs. Melissa Ardo Wong '07 and Mr. Keven Wong
Mr. Blayne M. Yama '06
Ms. Jeni M. Yamamoto '06
Mr. Riley Y. Yamamoto '05
Mr. Tyler M. Yamamoto '09
Mr. Joshua G.W. Yee '08 and Mrs. Pamela Ho Yee '08
Ms. Sara M. Yoshinaga '07
Mr. Aaron M. Young '07
Mr. Jason Y. Yuasa '11
Mr. Emmanuel F. Zibakalam '05

Anonymous (7)

* as of June 30, 2019

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