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Impact on Lower School

Updated: June 10, 2024
The construction of the Arrillaga Student Center in the middle of the ‘Iolani School campus is not expected to greatly impact Lower School operations for the 2024-25 school year.

AUTOLINES: Both the K-1 Autoline (near the corner of La‘au Street and La‘au Place) and the main Lower School Autoline (along La‘au Place) are not expected to be impacted during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up periods.

FOOD SERVICE: The process of purchasing/ordering lunches and breakfasts will remain as it has been for recent years. The distribution, pick-up, and eating areas, however, may be different, depending on grade level. Details will be communicated in the near future. Please visit the Food Service page for more information and updates.

RECESS AND LUNCHTIME PLAY AREAS: As the new Arrillaga Student Center's footprint is much larger than the current Student Center, the playground and play structure Ewa of the tennis courts will no longer be available for Lower School students. ‘Iolani School is currently in the process of determining new play areas for recess and lunchtime.

GATHERING SPACES: During the construction of the Arrillaga Student Center, some of the existing seating areas on campus will no longer be available. ‘Iolani School is currently working to create new areas for students to gather.

INFIRMARY & WELLNESS CENTER: The Infirmary and Wellness Center has been temporarily relocated to the nearby Art Building (Art Gallery on first floor), until moving into the Arrillaga Student Center in the Spring of 2026.