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Eddie Hamada Legacy Project

A tribute to the “One Team” spirit, the Eddie Hamada Legacy Project strives to educate current and future students about the shared values that make ‘Iolani School special.

Edward K. Hamada ’46, a longtime football coach and athletic director, embodied caring, respect, gratitude and humility in his daily interactions. A life-size statue of him stands on the ground floor of the Weinberg Building, between the College Counseling Office and the pathway to Eddie Hamda Field. Behind the statue, created by local sculptor Holly Young, is a “One Team” wall display that provides biographical information on Mr. Hamada and highlights his connection to his mentor Fr. Kenneth A. Bray, who prioritized “playing as one team.” In addition, the display expands upon the “One Team” values of community, caring, gratitude, humility and mutual respect.

Prior to the statue and "One Team" wall display making its debut on Jan. 26, 2024, Head of School Dr. Tim Cottrell wrote to the student body, in part saying: "As you all know, today, 'One Team' pervades nearly everything we do and how we look at ourselves, our relationships, and our world. It is one of the most precious aspects of our school and is one by which we live and that we need to perpetuate for future generations. This new installation is a testament to our commitment to living by and passing on 'One Team' as a core of the ‘Iolani experience. Each of you is part of this living legacy and future."

Eddie Hamada Legacy Project video

Eddie Hamada


Holly Young, a local portrait sculptor known for capturing the essence of her subjects, felt compelled to explore her lifelong attraction to art several years after an education in chemistry and philosophy at Dartmouth College, St. John’s College and Cornell University. In her previous professional career, she provided chemistry consultation and research. Young’s universally appealing sculptures can be found in public and private collections around the world. She also created the Queen Kapi‘olani monument at Kapi‘olani Regional Park, the Mauka and Kila fountain at Kūhiō Beach and the Patsy T. Mink statue outside the Hawai‘i State Library.