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‘Iolani Songs

Alma Mater

O ‘Iolani, at thy call we gather
To pledge anew our loyalty and love.
Bound fast to thee by bonds no power can sever,
We rise for thee, our firm faith to prove.
We will stand strong and with proud hearts salute thee;
Love stands supreme, our faith shall not move.

Here friendships weave their mystic strands forever,
A fellowship that time shall not defy;
Here dreams of youth take shape and spring to being,
Eternal as the earth, sea and sky.
With vision clear, our minds, our hearts stand open;
We will keep faith, our love shall not die.

-- Words by The Rev. Albert Hendrix Stone, 1938
(revised by The Rev. David P. Coon, 1980 and 1985)

Click to hear Alma Mater (sung by Hōkūloa Singers )
Click to hear Alma Mater (sung by Class of 2024 as sixth graders on May 30, 2018)
Click for Alma Mater sheet music (Jean Sibelius [Tune: Finlandia]/arr. John Starr Alexander)

‘Iolani Nō Ka ‘Oi

Some folks say
‘Iolani is slow,
‘Iolani nō ka ‘oi.

But you just watch
‘Iolani boys go,
‘Iolani nō ka ‘oi.

Fight, boys, put
‘Iolani on the top;
We'll cheer you on
And never, ever stop.

Til you've done your best
To put her on the top:
That's ‘Iolani nō ka ‘oi.

Fight, team, fight
Fight, team, fight
Fight, team; fight team
Fight, fight, fight