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KA‘I Programs (Kūkulu Alaka‘i ‘Iolani)

The ‘Iolani School KA‘I Programs provide free, high-quality education programs and comprehensive support to under-resourced youth from Pālolo Valley.

Since 2010, KA‘I has grown as a community partnership between ‘Iolani School and Pālolo Valley to include the KA‘I Keiki Program, the KA‘I Elementary Program, the KA‘I Middle & High School Program, and the KA‘I Postsecondary program. Over the past 13 years, the KA‘I programs have served nearly 400 students from preschool through postsecondary education.

KA‘I Keiki Program

A six-week, early-childhood summer education program that has served more than 270 children from Pālolo Valley Homes

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KA‘I Middle and High School Program

A six-week, six-summer program, serving middle and high school students, as well as after-school tutoring during the school year

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KA‘I Elementary Program

A six-week, four-summer program, serving elementary students, as well as after-school tutoring during the school year

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KA‘I Postsecondary Program

Academic counseling and full tuition gap scholarships to support KA‘I Program graduates to and through their postsecondary pathways

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  • To drastically increase early childhood learning opportunities for under-resourced children in Pālolo Valley by providing a free early childhood summer preschool program.
  • To raise the high school graduation and postsecondary enrollment and completion rates of under-resourced, first-generation youth through a long-term academic enrichment summer program at ‘Iolani and a year-round tutoring program in Pālolo Valley.
  • To improve life outcomes for under-resourced, first-generation students by building a cohesive network of educators and community partners dedicated to supporting them in postsecondary education and beyond.

Ka‘I info sheet (PDF)


We are incredibly grateful for the foundations and individuals who make our KA‘I Programs possible and enable us to provide these programs to our students for free:

  • The McInerny Foundation
  • Bill Reeves and Debbie Berger
  • Honu‘apo
  • The Chamberlin Family Foundation
  • The Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation, Inc.
  • The Freeman Foundation
  • The Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation
  • Nan Chul Shin/Patrick Shin/Mr. & Mrs. Shin
  • The Healy Foundation
  • Justine Stamen Arrillaga & John Arrillaga
  • ‘Iolani Alumni Association
  • The Castle Foundation
  • The Coalition of Specialized Housing
  • The Fujieki Family Foundation
  • The Atherton Family Foundation
  • Aloha United Way Donors
  • ... and many generous individuals

“I love going to KA'I for the summer. I got to learn so many new things with the best teachers, and I can't wait to be there again next summer. This school feels like my home.”

-- Pito, 3rd grade


The KA‘I Programs are independently funded through educational grants and the generous support of donors. If you are interested in supporting the KA‘I Programs, click HERE to make a one-time gift!


  • Click HERE to get started
  • Under “Designated to” select “Other”
  • Type in: “The KA‘I Programs”
  • Donate!

Thank you for your support of the KA‘I Programs and your belief in the KA‘I students!


Allison Ishii Blankenship, Director
(808) 943-2300


FRED, KA‘I Group 1, USC Graduate

"KA‘I has provided me tremendous financial, academic and character development support, from 6th grade until college graduation. It's a guiding hand that many students need graduate from college, which is such a daunting task when you are the first in your family to do so, or tuition costs seem impossible to handle, or you are unaware of how to even handle college applications."


KA‘I Group 8, High School Senior

"The KA‘I Program has done much more than just helped me. It has designed me to be the best I can be. KA'I constantly stays with me in my actions, how I treat others, and in my future."


KA‘I Group 3, KCC Graduate

"If I had to describe the KA'I program in one word, it would be 'opportunity.' The KA'I Program is definitely a huge part of who and where I am today. I've had opportunity after opportunity come my way simply because I showed up and went to KA‘I. All of these different classes and opportunities are now skills that I've used in high school, college and in my job today."