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KAʻI Keiki Program (est. 2015)

A partnership between ‘Iolani School and Pālolo Homes, the KAʻI Keiki Program provides early childhood education to children living in Pālolo Homes. Because of Hawai‘i’s extremely limited preschool seats, the children we serve would very likely otherwise not have access to early childhood education before entering kindergarten at Pālolo Elementary. By providing a free, high-quality early childhood education program during the summer, the KA‘I Keiki Program aims to close the achievement gap for low-income preschool-aged children who live in the Pālolo public housing and prepare these young students for educational success.

We know that early childhood education is vital to a child’s development, educational success, and ultimately, life outcomes. The KAʻI Keiki Program, therefore, aims to fill a critical need for these children by providing them with a free, high-quality early childhood education program during the summer and helping families to enroll their children in preschool during the school year. Through our comprehensive, multi-summer program led by highly qualified teachers, the KAʻI Keiki Program prepares students for school readiness and long-term success. Research shows that children who are school-ready, meaning that they have the skills and abilities necessary for school, are far more likely to stay on track and achieve long-term success in school.

Over the past nine years, our KA‘I Keiki Program has served more than 300 preschool-aged children living in Pālolo Valley Homes with free early childhood education.