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2022-23 Tuition

Tuition for the 2022-23 academic year is $27,175. In addition, an annual Technology Fee of $525 is required of each student and due with the first payment. Details of the payment plan options are shown below. A billing statement based on your payment selection will be emailed to parents in early July and due on July 29, 2022. Please allow 3-5 days when mailing your payment.

Payments received after the last business day of the month are subject to a $25 late fee. Please keep your tuition balance current. A fee of $30 shall be assessed for returned payments. If you have questions on tuition, please call the Business Office at (808) 943-2282.

As was the case in previous school years, ‘Iolani no longer mails tuition statements to families. Instead, parents or guardians will receive an email notice informing you that tuition statements may be viewed after logging in to a secure online account. This account is the same one used to register students for after school classes and/or summer school. In addition, tuition payments also will be accepted with credit card, electronic check, as well as automatic withdrawals and traditional check payments as in the past.

To view your statement, log on to From there, you will be able to view, print, and make a payment for your child(ren)’s tuition.

An optional automated tuition payment service is available. You may click the link to view the automatic tuition payment FAQ and download the payment agreement sign-up sheet. Return the form to the Business Office.

Families utilizing this service in the 2021-22 school year will automatically be continued in 2022-23 unless the Business Office receives written notification of cancellation.


Tuition $27,175
Annual technology fee $525
Deposit ($500)
Due July 29, 2022 $27,200

* TRP is optional for the annual payment plan. If participation in TRP is desired, please add $353 to your payment.



  Semester 1 Semester 2
Tuition $13,587.50 $13,587.50
Annual technology fee $525 --
Deposit ($500) --
Payment plan fee -- $160 $80 $80
Due July 29, 2022: $13,692.50  
Due Jan. 3, 2023:   $13,667.50

* TRP is optional for the semester payment plan. If participation in TRP is desired, please add $353 to your July payment.



  First monthly payment Nine monthly payments
Tuition $2,717.50 $2,717.50
Annual technology fee $525  
Deposit ($500) --
Payment plan fee -- $350 $35 $35
*TRP (required with monthly plan) $353  
Due July 29, 2022: $3,130.50  

Due by last business day of each month through April 28, 2023:
(Note: December payment is due Jan. 3, 2023)



* The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) provides tuition insurance coverage should your child not complete the school year, for whatever reason, and for parental death. For more information on TRP, please refer to the Plan brochure that was sent with your Enrollment agreement.

Please call the Business Office at (808) 943-2282 or send email to for assistance.