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STEM Program

Applications for Summer 2022 now open!

‘Iolani STEM camp focuses on the development of 21st Century learning skills in the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership, a 40,000 square foot STEM education facility.

The academic courses provide tremendous opportunities for students to utilize the cutting edge resources available throughout campus. Exposure to drones, laser cutting, computer programming and more ensure there is something of interest for all inquisitive young minds.

STEM Camp Course Overview

Students take the following three classes daily (Monday to Friday) during their two week stay here at ‘Iolani School.

Drone Design, Building, & Racing
This course is geared towards the highly technical student with an interest in mechanics and theory of aviation. During the two-week camp, students will develop an understanding of aviation, engineering and drone theory, become familiar with design, assembly and mechanics of various types of First Person View (FPV) drones, learn about drone racing safety practices, and practice basic drone flight maneuvers including hovering, takeoffs, and landings. Each day students will be developing their skills through simulator practice, indoor flight training with learner drones, assembly of racing drones and flight time with their own FPV racing drones on a professional race course. The course will culminate in a drone racing event on the final day of the class. Students will take home complete sets of both the FPV learner drone as well as the FPV racing drone they assemble during the course.

Introduction to Laser Cutting
Bridging art and technology, this course is an introduction to digital design specifically for laser-cutting. Students will work extensively with 2D software programs to design and create various laser-cut projects using a variety of materials in the fabrication lab. The class will begin by exploring graphic design and build their way up to visualizing how 2D pieces can come together to create 3D objects. Students will practice design thinking and develop the skills necessary to see an idea through from design to fabrication.

Game Academy 3D
Do you like to play video games, build 3D models and program your own world? In this course, students research and create a 3D game in their self-made virtual world while being introduced to the Autodesk Maya program. Students use their creativity and develop skills in core academics, brainstorming, computer programming, project management, and teamwork - lifelong skills that apply to a wide range of careers in digital media and beyond.


Two-Week STEM Camp (July 24 to August 6) -- $4,995

Tuition covers classes (class materials), sports, activities, events, meals, accommodation, and excursions.

Health Insurance

International students are required to purchase health insurance. Health insurance is available at a cost of $50 per week.


Chaperoned transfers to and from the Honolulu International Airport are available at a cost of $50 per student each way.

Student Account (spending money)

We ask families to contribute $100 to a student account, which students can use as spending money. The balance of this account will be refunded to parents at the end of the summer.

For more information:

Residential Summer Programs
Phone: (808) 943-2231


“This program provided my daughter with more than academics. The team building and the friendships with other students and staff are lifelong and the self-confidence she gained was beyond what we could have ever imagined. I will be forever grateful.”Summer Parent2021